Company Profile

Experience a touch of Japanese Technique
at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty began in 2014 when President Kiyosa Kato decided to develop a beauty salon in the Philippines. The company has grown to be the best Japanese-style salon in the Philippines, and now has two branches, the main branch in BGC, and the other one in CONRAD Manila. We are providing the finest Japanese technique and services to all Filipinos.

The staff consists of a combination of Japanese and Filipino people, and we all share one vision, “To providing high quality Japanese services.” In addition, we offer our services at a lower price compared to its price in Japan. Each Filipino staff has confidence and pride in doing professional jobs due to their thorough training and guidance of the Japanese over a long period of time.
KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty promises the best time and beauty pampering with cozy interior, relaxed atmosphere, of course the finest nail art, eyelash extension, and hair services.

Our Philosophy
We believe in BEAUTY, LEARNING and ENJOY

Based on our belief and philosophy which is “beauty, learning and enjoy”, our staff aims to provide beauty, learning and enjoyment in the company. Also, through this belief, we want to refine your beauty more with this advanced Japanese Technique.

Message from Kiyosa

“ I grew up in a family with a single mother and three older sisters. When I came to the Philippines, I was impressed with the mindset of Filipina who works as a breadwinner, and the culture that cherishes their families. That is why I decided to do my business here in order to work together with Filipinas. I am glad if you can shine more beautifully with high quality Japanese beauty technique. My dream is to become a famous salon that people in the Philippines will know in the future and that can be offered to more people. ”

Kiyosa Kato
Representative Director
Nakamura Beauty International

Kiyosa Kato Representative Director Nakamura Beauty International