Gel nail is a kind of nail art that has synthetic resin called “GEL” that hardens with the use of UV light or LED light. The texture of the GEL is like honey and has no strong smell; there is no need to wait for the Gel nail to dry unlike when you’re using nail polish.

Gel procedures: ①Putting gel coat → ②Exposing the hands under the light.

Once it hardens, it will not peel off easily which allows you to touch things right away, hug your kids, go to the rest room – whatever you want to do. You don’t need to give extra attention to the nail art since it becomes hard after exposing it under the UV light. When you touch the gel nail, you will be amazed by the smoothness of the gel that feels like glass.



Why GEL not polish?

Shines like glass

Gel is tremendously amazing. You will be surprised with its shiny finish with or without art.

Lasts longer

Normally it lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on how you take good care of your nails. Also, the color and shine will not fade unlike if you’re using nail polish.

Marvelous Art

Gel Nail Art has become more in demand because of the different variations of designs. Unlike regular polish that has limited designs and art. With gel nail, you can create arts and designs that you can possibly imagine, that you can say “Gel is impossibly amazing”

Protect your nails

Especially for those who have thin nails, Gel can help protect your nails from cracking or breaking. You can also enjoy long, beautiful nails with Gel even if you have thin nails.


Nail polish or acryl has strong smell that sometimes causes headache. Gel, on the other hand, is odorless that allows you to enjoy and relax without any worries.


Nail art history

  1. Nail art became very popular throughout the years although there are no accurate records of its origin.
  2. Archaeologists found a mummy with nail art that had them conclude that nail art existed during BC3000-BC4000 in Egypt.
  3. Modern nail art started in 18th century in Europe.
  4. Nail polish started in 19th century in the United States.

Gel nail art became very popular all over the world particularly in the U.S, Korea, and Japan.

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