Which is Better: Gel Polish or Regular Nail Polish?

Are you torn between a regular nail polish and gel nail polish? Well, we’ve been there too and it’s not that simple, right? So, we have listed down a few key things that might help you decide which kind of nail polish you should pick next.

First off, here’s a Differentiation of Regular Nail Polish and Gel Nail Polish

Regular Nail Polish

We all know regular nail polish, which is also known as normal nail polish, or nail varnish. It was the most common and accessible nail polish for having nails done at home up until the market changed in 2010.

To put it simply, normal nail polish is a lacquer where the ingredients been refined over the years to protect nails against drying out and cracking. The origins for nail polish comes from the old dynasties in China, where ingredients like beeswax, gum Arabic and vegetable dyes were used.

Pros: These manicures are the kind you can give yourself at home. They are fast, simple to do, and easy to switch up in just minutes. They’re perfect for the girl who changes her outfit as much as she changes her mind.

Cons: The not-so-great thing about these traditional manicures is that they tend to chip, and right when you need them most.

Who Needs This Manicure: For women who work a full-time job, FYI, your gorgeous nail polish may not last through Friday, leaving you with the task of a mid-week DIY manicure.


Gel Polish

If you’re used to a varnish type manicure and don’t see the point in paying top dollar for something that will be destroyed in day, then you’re going to love gel based nail polish.

Ok, there are actually a few different types of gel polish, considering all nail polish use some kind of gel. Often brands out there will put the word “gel” in the product name in order to pull extra sales, all in a deceiving manner. The gel we’re specifically talking about here – which is the gel polish we sell – is known as hard gel, or UV / LED gel polish.

Pros: This manicure lasts about 2 – 3 times longer than a regular manicure – up to 4 weeks! Gel nails also keep their shiny finish (chip free) until you remove the polish. Not only that, but natural nails under gel polish have a tendency to grow longer because of the extra strength.

Cons: Gel polish does not go quietly. If you want to remove a lingering gel manicure, you are going to need to soak your nails, and you may even need the help of a UV light.

Note: Always wear special gel manicure gloves or broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen under UV lamps to reduce potential skin damage.

Who Needs This Manicure: Ideal for the woman uses her hands a lot (gardening, doing dishes etc), but also wants a manicure that will last through the wear and tear, chip-free. Not for women with unhealthy nail beds, weak or peeling nails or skin conditions affecting the cuticles.


So, is this compilation of information enough for you to decide? Let us know in the comments below!

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