Eyelash Extensions Facts You Need to Know

Everyone wants to look presentable at work, to look glam at parties or just feel confident daily all the time and one way we achieve this is through our daily makeup routine. But more often than not — especially if we’re running late — we don’t have time for it anymore. We also get home burnt out from work and traffic, to the point where we’re too tired to even remove makeup and just go straight to bed.

This is why services such as eyelash extensions are becoming more and more of a trend for ladies (and gents!). It is such a convenient way to look more awake and make your eyes more alluring without the use of mascara or false lashes. It lasts longer, too!

Not all people are familiar with the processes of eyelash services. You probably stumbled upon this blog post because you are curious and a bit nervous to try it out for the first time. Before going to the salon, it should already be clear to you what the process is, what design goes well with your eye shape and condition, and the do’s and don’ts with eyelash extensions. We are here to clear some of your doubts and explain to you what you need to know about eyelash extensions services.

Why should I get eyelash extensions?

We recommend eyelash extensions to anyone of all genders who wants to look their best everyday with less effort. It is especially recommended to those who are always on the go and wants to save time preparing in the morning. Having eyelash extensions is very convenient and saves time with your makeup routine especially if you like putting on false eyelashes or mascara. No more racoon eyes due to mascara, too, because eyelash extensions are waterproof and sweatproof.

Eyelash extensions make your eyes more awake and alluring

Having a good set of eyelashes makes your eyes look bigger and your face slimmer, too. It is helpful to enhance those who have naturally thin, short and downturned eyelashes, which is common among Asians. This is probably one of the reasons why eyelash extensions are popular for them. Unlike with false eyelashes and eyelash perms or lifts which have a limited and fixed set of designs, eyelash extensions have more flexibility in adjusting the design according to the look you want to achieve.

How are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

For those who are unfamiliar, let us first explain what eyelash extensions are. It is not like putting on false lashes where you place it on the eyelids. Eyelash extensions are glued to the natural lashes using a special glue (not the one used with false lashes!).

At first, the most common practice of attaching eyelash extensions is known as the “Flare Eyelash” where the strands are in a bundle. But this practice usually tend to damage the eyelashes and increase the risks because they are difficult to clean. At Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty, we practice the method known as “one-by-one.” As the name suggests, one eyelash extension is attached to one natural lash. This provides a more natural look and also safer for the eyelashes.

Applying eyelash extensions one by one

The best application for eyelash extensions should be about 2mm away from the roots of natural eyelashes and forms an arch following the natural eyelash extensions and eyelid. If it is glued on your eyelid or very close to the roots, it will feel uncomfortable and will irritate your skin. If placed very far from the roots, it will droop down and become heavy for the natural eyelashes. An expert eyelash designer would also know which natural eyelashes are still good for attaching the eyelash extensions depending on the hair cycle. It is not good to put it on older eyelashes which are close to shedding.

Contrary to what most people think, the process is safe and painless. However, you must close your eyes throughout the treatment because the glue, when not fully dried yet, can sting your eyes. Our eyelash designers are using tweezers and other pointed tools for separating the lashes so it is crucial not to move around too much or make sudden movements. Make sure to inform your eyelash designer when you feel uncomfortable or feel a sudden itch, so they can adjust. This also means no mobile phones! Take this time to relax or have a quick nap.

For Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty, eyelash extensions process takes a maximum of one and a half hours, including prepping of the eyes and removal of existing eyelash extensions if any.

Just a reminder before coming in for your eyelash extensions appointment: do not not use any eye or eyelash cosmetics such as mascara and eyelash curlers. Eyelash designers need a clean slate in order to start the application and they will have to remove them anyway. They also need to see the natural state of your eyelashes to help them properly advise what type of design would be more appropriate. Those who have undergone eyelash perms or eyelash lifts should have a consultation first with the eyelash designers so that they can plan ahead on what they should do if you want to get eyelash extensions.

How do I choose the perfect eyelash extensions design for me?

There are various types and designs for eyelash extension depending on the look you want to achieve. However, it will also depend on your eye shape and natural eyelashes.

In our salon, we offer Natural, Cute or Sexy Design.

Eyelash extension designs at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty

Types of eyelash extensions design offered at Kiyosa:

Natural Design – gives a natural look because its simplicity, yet it also enhances the eyelashes and looks stunningly sophisticated. It consists of same-length eyelash extensions.

Cute Design – accentuates the iris of the eye to make it look bigger. It consists of longer lashes at the center and shorter on inner and outer lashes.

Sexy Design- creates a sultry and dramatic look. It consists of increasingly longer lashes towards the outer lashes.

Once you have decided on the design you want, the type of curl, length, thickness, and number of pieces are then determined. Our eyelash designers usually base it on the natural lashes, keeping in mind the look that will be achieved but at the same time considering how much to put without putting too much strain on the natural lashes. Each person has a unique state of natural eyelashes and our eyelash designers are trained to adjust accordingly. Most eyelash salons do not consider this which is why it results in damaged eyelashes.

left to right: J Curl, C Curl, and SC Curl

Types of Curls offered at Kiyosa:

J Curl – Recommended for those who have double-eyelids and wants a natural-looking finish

C Curl – Recommended for those who have single-eyelids or concealed eyelids

SC Curl – Recommended for those who prefer a high-impact look

Aside from these, you also have a choice of colors. If you want to be daring and fun, try out colored eyelashes for a pop of color similar to having highlights in your hair.

Colored eyelash extensions at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty

You can either go for a half mix or full colored extensions in Kiyosa. The color options are purple, light purple, blue, sky blue, green, yellow, brown, light brown, light green, yellow, brown, light brown, light green, blue-green, pink and baby pink.

What is the material used for eyelash extensions?

There are a lot of variations of eyelash extensions used by salons. The most common that you have probably heard of are mink, synthetic or sable lashes. The main differences are what they are made of and their thickness.

Mink lashes are light and soft. It is recommended especially for those who want a natural look and feel.

Synthetic lashes are heavy and thick. This is great for a dramatic and full look, however, some people might find them too uncomfortable for their eyelids because of its weight. They also have a sheen to them unlike in mink and sable which has a soft luster look common in human hair or animal fur.

Sable lashes are the thinnest and softest among these three. This is perfect for those who have thin natural lashes who might have trouble supporting the weight of mink or synthetic lashes and will have less risk of damaged eyelashes.

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty uses sable eyelash extensions.

How long does eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions usually last for three to four weeks. This is depending on your lifestyle and natural hair cycle — from shedding to regrowth — which usually completes around one month. We have discussed a bit about the hair cycle on our previous blog post about hair. If you want to know more, check it out here.

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To further extend and maintain the look of your eyelash extensions, you can get retouch every two to three weeks. At Kiyosa, retouch starts at P160 depending on the number of pieces to be added.

If you had your eyelashes done at a trusted and well-trained salon, you should not be alarmed if you see an eyelash shed with the eyelash extension. It might be because that eyelash is already old and has reached the last part of the hair cycle.

How to maintain eyelash extensions at home?

To get your money’s worth when getting eyelash extensions, you should know how to maintain and take care of it for a continuous stunning look. Here are some do’s and don’ts with eyelash extensions.

After Treatment:
– For approximately 5-6 hours after the treatment, newly applied eyelash extensions should avoid water or other high-humidity, high-temperature environments such as bathing, swimming, hot yoga or swimming. If moisture gets to the glue before it completely dries, it will cause the eyelash extensions to come off easily or the glue will turn white.

When washing your face:
– Use cleansing products that are oil-free. Face products that are oil-based will affect the strength of the glue.
Instead of carelessly rubbing your eyes, slide your fingers sideways along the eyelids to avoid disturbing the eyelash extensions.
– Prevent shower spray to hit your face directly. It will change direction of your eyelash because of the water pressure.
– After washing your face or showering, wipe away the moisture by gently pressing the towel on your eyelids. Be careful not to let the fabric get caught on the lashes. A dryer or cotton will be helpful to remove remaining moisture.
– Use eyelash coating for extending the life of extensions. This helps brush the eyelashes while protecting the glue especially when the glue is already dry.

Eyelash products sold at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty: Oil-free cleansing gel, eyelash coating, and eyelash brush

When applying makeup:
– Hard pencil or gel eyeliner might rub on the roots of the extensions and make them easily come off. It is better to use soft gel or liquid eyeliner.
– When removing eyeshadow or makeup on the eyelash extensions, use wet cotton buds with oil-free cleansing lotion.
– Avoid mascara at all because most of the time it will require oil-based products for removing which will affect the eyelash extensions.
– Refrain from using eyelash curlers because they will distort the curl of your eyelash extensions and might pull on your natural eyelashes.

Other precautions:
– Sleeping face down or having pressure applied onto the lashes with a pillow for a long period of time will result in extensions developing a kink in the eyelash extensions. They may change in direction or come off. We recommend that the clients sleep facing upwards.
– Don’t try to remove extensions yourself, better to leave to professionals to prevent damage to eyelashes or risk pulling of your natural eyelashes!

Why shouldn’t I get eyelash extensions?

Aside from the rare cases that prevent a person from getting eyelash extensions such as having eye disorders, allergies or sensitivities, hay fever or inverted eyelashes, there really is no harm in trying eyelash extensions. However, you should keep in mind to choose a salon whose staff is well-trained and uses quality products and tools. Most of the problems encountered with eyelash extensions are not about the client’s condition but the skill level of the staff and environment of the salon they had it done. You have to be careful not to get eyelash extensions on just any salon. You will only experience cons if the eyelash extensions are not applied properly because it will cause discomfort and damage.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend having a patch test first so that you may know if you’ll get an allergic reaction to the glue we use. Patch tests will only take 10-15 minutes and it will be done for free

What should I consider when choosing an eyelash salon?

First and foremost you should check if the eyelash designer is properly trained to work on eyelash extensions. As mentioned earlier, the application process of eyelash extensions requires a lot of expert decisions and knowledge such as the correct position as well as hygiene and sanitation practices. If you have eyelash extensions in a salon where the staff is not trained, you will risk having damaged eyelashes because of bad practice and bad hygiene and sanitation. Be very careful because it is near the eyes and it is one of the most sensitive parts of our body.

In Japan, every eyelash designer is required to take a license before working on clients and you can only pass the licensure exam after years of study and training.

Training of eyelash designers

The junior and senior staff of Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty are well-trained and consistently supervised by our full-time licensed Japanese eyelash designers which is why our clients are sure to have high-quality eyelash extension service.

Next is the quality of products used such as the glue. Cheap products may cause negative reactions and customers should be careful because it is used near the eyes. At Kiyosa, all the tools and products are imported from Japan.

Last but not least is to find a salon that provides a good overall customer experience. Since our salon is Japanese, we make sure to show them the Japanese quality of service and hospitality — omotenashi. Clients must be welcomed with warm greetings once they entered the salon. While they wait, they are offered free drinks like tea and coffee. If they are a first time client, they have the consultation with the eyelash designers where the process, do’s and don’ts and also bad practices are explained. The top priority is preventing damage to the natural eyelashes while also aiming for the look the client wants, that’s why we may reject our client’s preferred design if it is not recommended for their natural eyelashes and adjust in any way we can to achieve beautiful after looks.


It is no surprise that eyelash extensions are becoming popular because of the benefits it offers at such reasonable prices. But along with this trend is the rise of salons who does not follow the proper standards of eyelash extensions application. It is up to the clients to do their own research about the salon where they want to have it done in order to avoid having complications and hopefully this article helped you to decide. Let us know what other things you are curious about eyelash extensions!

Eyelash extensions services at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty starts at P960 only depending on the number of pieces and if a junior, senior or Japanese staff will work on it. Contact us for a reservation if you’re interested!

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