Eyelash Extension Service in the #NewNormal

Our eyes have become the sole focus of our faces since half of it is covered. Now more than ever, eyelash extensions are a must-have to still be able to look presentable. It makes our eyes look more alluring and fresh despite the anxiety and stress this whole COVID situation brought us!

However, different salons have different standards. What makes eyelash extensions at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty stand out among the rest?

1. Cleanliness and Sanitation

The pandemic has highlighted the practice of health standards, but in actuality, salons have always been wary to follow certain protocols when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation due to the nature and sensitivity of their work. Eyelash extensions services are no exception.

Japanese salons are very particular about this too. Even before, all the tools such as tweezers are always sanitized and disinfected between clients using a UV sterilizer.

uv sterilizer for salon tools
Tools sterilized and disinfected by UV light

There is strict implementation of the safety guidelines as mandated by DTI Philippines in order to keep KIYOSA COVID-free. You can read more details about it in our post before coming to the salon!

Aside from disinfecting the tools, each seat is also sanitized after every client. Social distancing is practiced and every staff is required to wear proper PPE (hair cap, goggles/face shields, face masks, PPE suit and gloves).

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For clients, there is a “No face mask, No entry” policy. No companions and no waiting is allowed which is why late-comers are more likely not to be entertained, especially if there is a scheduled client after them to give enough time for the staff to disinfect their area.

2. Counseling

A sign of a good eyelash salon is if they do counseling, especially for first-time clients.

This will be a way for the client to understand the process and know the dos and don’ts. At the same time, this will give the eyelash designer a chance to know about the client such as their habits and routine which will be useful to give advice on which design to suit the client.

kiyosa japanese total beauty best eyelash extension consultation
Ms. Sam Pinto getting her counselling session with Japanese staff

If there is no consultation and the eyelash designer will only follow what design the customer says, it might not yield good results. While it is natural to follow what the client wants, if the condition of the client’s eyelashes doesn’t match the desired length and thickness, it could result in damage to the eyelashes. This is primarily the reason why in other salons the eyelash extensions come off easily or it feels very uncomfortable in the eyes. They don’t consider the natural lashes of the client.

KIYOSA eyelash designers always make sure to give quality service by personalizing based on the natural eyelashes of the client as well as their lifestyle. They also explain how to take care of the eyelash extensions to make it last longer.

3. Tape work

For those who have not tried eyelash extensions yet, you might be wondering what a tape work is. When preparing the eyelashes before the procedure, the bottom lashes are taped to protect them from the glue used to attach the extensions in the top lashes. It will isolate the top and bottom lashes so that the eyelash designer will easily see which strand to put on the eyelash extensions. You don’t want your top and bottom lashes glued together right?

The tape is also placed on your eyelids to pull it up if you have downturned eyelashes and make the procedure much easier for the eyelash designer.

eyelash extensions tape work kiyosa japanese total beauty
Putting tape under the eyes is an essential part of the eyelash extensions procedure

In other eyelash salons, you might feel that the tape is uncomfortably placed and might be touching your eyes. It is an important step in the eyelash procedure, but a good eyelash designer should always consider that the customer is comfortable!

Our Japanese Eyelash Director, Hitomi, made sure that as part of the training of new staff she will be very strict with teaching tape work. “Even when I was just starting out as an eyelash technician, I was very worried about this tape and always paid attention to it. That is why I practiced it the most!” Because of the intensive training, KIYOSA eyelash designers are very good with tape work.

4. Speed

The Japanese are known for their punctuality and time management. They know every minute is valuable! Most of our customers were surprised to know that KIYOSA eyelash service are quicker compared to their experiences with other salons which takes more than two hours.

eyelash extensions training
Eyelash extensions training

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty prides itself for being efficient, but still beautiful and high quality! All KIYOSA eyelash designers are particularly great at this because of their training with the Japanese director. They are trained to do a complete procedure — from counseling to finished outcome — within one hour and thirty minutes. This is, again, part of considering the comfort of the client. It can be quite tiresome for one to stay still for an extended period of time.

There is an in-house certification for the staff that can do up to 160 pcs of eyelash extensions within an hour. Not only the speed is checked, but the accuracy as well. It should be 10mm from the roots, no tangles and should be a beautiful arch.

Japanese eyelash director Hitomi wants each Filipino staff to match the Japanese quality which is why they always practice! “Many Filipino eyelash designers working at our salon can be as quick and successful as Japanese eyelash designers!”

Want to experience #KiyosaLashes? Our eyelash extensions service starts at P960 depending on the number of pieces and whether it would be with a junior, senior, or Japanese staff.

You may book a reservation using our hotlines: 8805-8888 or 0939-915-8888. You may also request a reservation by clicking the “Web Reservation” button below!

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty BGC branch is located at Ground Floor F1 Hotel, 32nd Street cor Lane Q, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila.

The salon is open Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. See you there!

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