Trendy Haircut Styles Based on Your Face Shape

You have browsed through all the hair inspirations in Pinterest and Instagram and though the hairstyles look good on your favorite celebrities, you are not sure if you can pull it off.

One thing you can consider to help guide you on which hairstyle to get is by your face shape. Ultimately, the goal is to make your face look balanced by emphasizing and downplaying your

What is your face shape?

To determine what your face shape is, look at yourself in the mirror with your hair tied back. it would be helpful if you take a photo of yourself! Observe carefully the unique features of your face such as the width and length of your face, hairline and jawline.

There are a lot of different types of face shapes but in this post we will cover the four most common and basic ones.

1. Round Face

You have a round face shape when you have a wide forehead, plum cheeks and round jaw.

For this type, hairstylists suggest styles that would add volume at the top of the hair or narrow bangs and narrow cut on the chin area. This will give the illusion of having a smaller face.

If you are looking for a celebrity inspiration for a round face, Kathryn Bernardo is your girl. She often goes for long layers and curtain bangs that also adds more angles to her face.

Instagram: @bernardokath

Other hairstyles perfect for round shaped faces are textured lob, deep side part, or pixie cut with volume at the top. Avoid wide bangs as it gives more emphasis to the width of your face.

2. Square Face

You have a square face shape when you have a strong angled jawline which is the same width to hairline and cheekbones. It is usually characterized by having a flat forehead, flat and boney cheeks and pointed jaw.

For this type, the width of the bangs should be narrow. Side bangs that reach the jaw will add more flow and curve that will ease the sharp angle of the jawline.

A famous Filipino celebrity with a square face is Anne Curtis. As opposed to round face which needs to add more angles, square face needs curves and curl to the hair to reduce the sharp angles of the face.

Instagram: @annecurtissmith

The perfect hairstyles for square shaped faces are straight hair with long layers or soft, wispy side-swept bangs. Shorts subtle bangs that hit at the cheekbones will look good as well. Avoid straight cuts, thick blunt bangs, slick back looks and wide curls.

3. Inverted Triangle Face

Generally, you have an inverted triangle face shape when you have a wide forehead and a long, pointed chin. It is similar to a heart shaped face. The only difference is that the heart shape face has a widow’s peak.

For this type, it is recommended to have hairstyles that add volume to the top of your head and around the chin area.

Among the many Filipino celebrities with an inverted triangle face shape is Liza Soberano. Her wavy hairstyle with front wispy fringe bangs are very flattering to her face shape.

Instagram: @lizasoberano

The perfect hairstyles for inverted triangle shaped faces are shoulder length lob, deep side part with loose waves, layers that break at the collarbone. Avoid middle part, short baby bangs and short tapered cut.

4. Oval Face

You have an oval face shape if your face is similar to a round face but more elongated.

For this type, adding wide bangs and decreasing volume around the chin area will give the illusion of a shorter face.

An example of a Filipino celebrity with an oval face is Erich Gonzales. She usually goes back and forth with having long hair and medium length hair and styles them with off-center parts, layered cuts, side swept bangs, full fringes, or classic bobs.

Instagram: @erichgonzales

The perfect hairstyles for oval shaped faces are long curls that start close to the roots, long layers that break at the collarbone. A bob or shoulder length hair with layering to the chin will work as well. Avoid very long hair or too much volume on top because it further elongates the face.

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