Top Tips from Your Hairstylist When You Want to Get Short Hair


Time goes by so quickly during this pandemic… we are already in the second half of 2021! How have you been passing the time? If you are like us, you probably scroll through social media for various hairstyle inspirations.

It is so scary to chop off your hair especially if you are used to having it long.. But our fave celebs like Liza Soberano, Solenn Heusaff and Sarah Lahbati pull off the short hair so well that you have probably been tempted to finally get one yourself! 

How would you know if you will look good with short hair?

You might be wondering if it is a good idea to cut your hair short. To help you decide whether or not to cut your hair short, you should consult stylists from Japanese salons. The mark of a well-trained Japanese hairstylist is that they are able to match the appropriate hairstyle for you based on numerous factors.


Aside from the usual checking of your face shape to determine which style will work for you, they ask relevant questions like:

Are you the type who spends hours in the morning to prepare or would you rather be quick about it? 

Do you wash your head in the morning or in the evening?

Do you like to curl it or keep it straight?

How much time do you spend preparing in the morning? 

Do you prefer leaving your hair down or tying it?


They consider your lifestyle and fashion preferences because the hairstyle will definitely affect your overall look. The hairstylists are also keen on making your life easier when preparing in the morning.


short hair at KIYOSA home service

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If you’re looking to cut your hair short and need a guide, we’ve got you. Here are 3 trendy short haircut styles, 2 ways to tie your short hair, and 3 tips to keeping your hair healthy.


What is the best hairstyle for short hair?


Pixie Cut or short bob

Preparing in the morning can be tiring. From showering to cleansing your face to make-up and hair, it takes some time to get yourself ready. If you’re looking to cut down the time it takes for you to prepare for the ready, this pixie cut is perfect for you. Adding short bangs that don’t get into your eyes adds the right amount of shape and texture, especially if your hair is straight. Altogether, this haircut will look adorable on you. If you’ve got an oval, square, or heart-shaped face or if you want short hair, consider this haircut. 

bob cut japanese salon


Layered Bob

When you’ve got thin hair, it’s hard to make it look less lifeless and add more texture. That’s when this haircut comes in. This is the perfect short haircut style if you want a chic and elegant hairdo that perfectly frames your face. If you do decide to get this haircut, try adding some highlights. This will definitely add to the overall look.

Source: @ain.daichi0722 

Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Looking for a haircut that isn’t too short? Get a long bob. Long bobs usually reach your neck. This way you can tie your hair any way you like from a low ponytail to a half-up kind of hairstyle. A long bob is a great hairstyle for round faces. Adding curtain bangs to this hairstyle will help frame your face. Long bobs are not too short and not too long. You can look beautiful without feeling the heat too much.

long bob with bangs japanese salon

Source: @ain.daichi0722

How to Tie Short Hair?

The Claw Clip

If you’ve got short hair, a lot of people will say you can’t tie it. And if you’ve got a pixie haircut, it might be true. But to have short hair, it doesn’t always require a pixie cut. The first way to tie your hair is through something called a claw clip. Part your hair in the middle. Grab the pieces of hair from the top of your head to the ones above your ear and gather them behind your head. Tie it together with a claw clip. Perfect for a casual day out, this hairstyle is easy to do.

claw clip for short hair


Half-Up Topknot

When you think of a half-up topknot, you think that that’s only possible if you’ve got long hair. That’s not true at all. Grab some hair from the top of your head and tie it back. Grab another hair tie and form a bun. You can also use pins to hold your hair up. Grab some pieces of hair from the front of your face and make it fall over your face. This helps frame your face adding the perfect touch. Having a bob is a perfect haircut for round faces. And if you use this hairstyle, you highlight your round face even more. 

Don’t believe this is possible? Check out this tutorial by Amanda Cypert Beauty on how she does a topknot with her short hair!

half up top knot for short hair

How to Care for Short Hair

Try not to use heat on your hair as much as possible.

Heat damages air. Hair can’t retain color the way healthy hair can. And hair fall can be caused by too much heat on your hair. Instead of using straighteners or curling irons, try looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require any of these. You could also try using techniques that get you curls overnight. There are lots of no-heat curl tutorials available on YouTube.

Trim your hair every six weeks.

We know what it sounds like. Trimming your hair every six weeks seems pretty excessive. And it gets tiring having to visit the hair salon frequently. However, there’s no need to worry about that anymore because haircut home services are available. Some hair salons will visit you at home and give you a haircut for an extra fee if you’d rather do that. Trimming your hair frequently can help your hair maintain its shape. If you’ve got a layered haircut or short haircut style, you have to be able to maintain the shape of your hair so it’ll have the same feel and texture. Hair usually grows half an inch every month. That’s pretty fast. If you want the same hair length and shape, make sure to trim it frequently. If you’re too busy to go to the salon, why not try the haircut home service offered by renowned hair salons?

Wash your hair daily.

Short hair becomes greasy more quickly than longer hair. So, short hair requires a bit more washing. To make sure your hair isn’t too greasy nor too dry, try washing it daily. If it does get too dry, change up the schedule until you find the right one for your hair.


The Takeaway

Haircare has evolved. Now, you have haircut home services and different ways to curl or straighten your hair. And now it isn’t frowned upon when you get a pixie cut. Short hair is perfect for hot climates and it takes a bit less time to style them. No wonder lots of people have short haircuts! Make sure to use this guide so you can choose the right style for you. From haircuts for round faces to haircuts for oval-shaped ones, we’ve got it all. Enjoy experimenting until you find the perfect look for yourself!


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