Top Four Reasons why Japanese Salons are The Best for Haircut

Being stuck at home for months has let you grow your hair quite long. Out of frustration, most people have opted to do it themselves by watching YouTube tutorials and some ended up in disasters! Now that salons are allowed to open for haircut services under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), you now have a chance to fix your hair and maybe get that hair update!

Now the question is where is the best place to get that haircut? Continue reading to know the top reasons why you should go to a Japanese-style salon.

Reason #1: Japanese salons gives the highest and most trusted quality of service

The Japanese beauty industry is a large part of their culture to the point where (unlike in the Philippines) all hairdressers are required to get a license before they can work on clients. This license is not easy to get either!


Aspiring hairstylists are required to go through vocational school first then apply their learnings through additional training in a hair salon. After years of training and honing their skills, they can take the exam to obtain the national level hairdresser’s license, and then they can finally work on an actual client.

Philippine standards are different because it is not required for a hairdresser or hairstylist to have a license. The training isn’t as in-depth and rigorous also.

This is why when you see a Japanese salon, you can trust that it sets a high standard for the quality of service that is given to each client.

Training of Filipino staff

Japanese-style salons here in the Philippines such as Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty make sure to maintain that Japanese standard by mimicking that intensive training for the Filipino staff. Did you know that it takes about three years before they are allowed to give haircuts to clients? They have to pass a lot of exams and undergo continuous intensive training under the supervision of Japanese hairstylist first!

Reason #2: Japanese hairstylists give detailed hair consultations to help you decide on what look best suits you

Professionals know best! They can tell at a glance what hairstyles suit a person because of their great experience. This is one of the reasons Japanese salons are better than most local salons. The consultation is more in-depth and detailed.

Youtube: Divine Kim

The facial features, face shape, and personal style will be the biggest factors to consider in deciding the perfect haircut for you. Whether you are worried about things like, “my face looks long” or “I want to look younger” or “I want my face to look small,” or that your style is cute, feminine, cool, or just natural. Communicating these to your hairstylist will help them give you a more helpful consultation.

Aside from these, a professional hairstylist will also ask about your lifestyle as well. They would ask questions like: “How much time do you have in the morning to style your hair?” or “Would you prefer a low maintenance hairstyle?” to have more specific advice about your new hairstyle.

They would even ask about the nature of your work as it can also dictate what hairstyle would suit your environment and routine. Because of that they can suggest suitable hair care products and some tips to maintain your hair!

Reason #3: Omotenashi Service

Japanese hospitality or “omotenashi” basically means going the extra mile to provide the best possible service and experience to the clients.


It is providing small and thoughtful things like providing a basket to put your bag in, offering a complimentary drink, providing head massage during your shampoo, and making sure the temperature and pressure of the water to make the client more comfortable and feel at home.

A Japanese salon is a great place to ease your worries and feel more relaxed while making yourself more beautiful!

Reason #4: Added quality of service by using imported tools and products from Japan

Japanese salons continue to revolutionize and innovate by offering hair treatments, products, and tools that are more suitable to Asian hair. They are best known for hair products and tools that are not damaging to the hair and make it healthier.

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty also offers hair products and tools imported from Japan such as straightening iron, curling iron, hair mousse and hair spray to help you style and take care of your hair!

Experience Japanese salon here in Manila at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty!

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty Hair Team

Our full-time Japanese hairstylist director, Masahiro-san, along with his team of junior hairstylists, has been busy since KIYOSA BGC branch opened again for haircut services.

If you want to experience Japanese haircut service, you may book a reservation using our hotlines: 8805-8888 or 0939-915-8888. You may also request a reservation by clicking the “Web Reservation” button below!

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We are following the strict implementation of the safety guidelines in order to keep KIYOSA COVID-free. Be sure to check out our post about it before coming to the salon! The salon is open Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. See you there!

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