This is the Real Reason Why Your Eyelash Extensions are Falling Off

We all know that eyelash extensions do not stay on forever but what comes as a shock is when it falls off earlier than expected! Sometimes, it is because of bad practices and low-quality eyelash extensions. But if you are going to a trusted eyelash salon near you and you notice that the lashes are shedding, it might be caused by something else.

In today’s blog post, we will explain to you the reasons why your eyelash extensions are falling off and some tips on how to take care of them to prolong their life.

First of all: eyelash shedding is perfectly normal!

Much like the hair on our head, our eyelash extensions grow and fall out in a natural cycle. The hair growing stage is called anagen, followed by the transition phase called catagen then finally the resting phase called telogen. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, we normally shed one to five eyelashes each day.

hair growth cycle anagen, catagen and telogen

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Professional eyelash designers are trained to determine at which stages your eyelashes are so they can make sure to maximize the life of your lash extensions and minimize damage.

They make sure to apply extensions on lashes that are at the end of the anagen phase and the beginning of the catagen phase. To put it simply, they avoid putting extensions to baby lashes because they are still too weak to hold the weight of the extensions. Similarly, they do not put them on old lashes because the extensions will shed along with them.

Eyelashes have different stages of growth



On average, KIYOSA eyelash extensions last for up to three to four weeks. Sometimes it even exceeds that if taken care of properly!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the main reasons why your lash extensions are falling off.

1. You sleep face down.

Are you the type of person who is more comfortable sleeping on your stomach? This is a big no-no for those with eyelash extensions because it can cause a kink and change the direction of the lashes.

Besides, sleeping flat on your back is actually more healthy because it protects your spine and relieves hip and knee pain! (Source: Healthline)

2. You immediately exposed your newly applied eyelash extensions to water or steam.

Even though it appears dry on the surface, the special lash glue used won’t be completely dry for 24 hours. Exposing them to water or steam within hours of getting eyelash extensions can dissolve the glue and disturb the arrangement of the extensions.

It can also cause irritation because the volatilized glue can go to your eyes!

You should avoid the following for approximately 6 hours after the treatment:
– soaking in the bath
– swimming,
– working out at the gym
– going to a sauna

3. You are not careful when washing your face.

Skincare is very important but you need to be careful not to touch the lashes too much when removing makeup or washing your face while wearing false eyelashes!

A good tip is to use cotton swabs when removing makeup around the eye so that it would be more precise. Extensions tend to get caught on fabric, too, so be careful when drying your face with a towel.

4. You are using oil based products on your face.

Speaking of washing the face, one other common mistake people make in eyelash extension care is using oil-based products. Oil easily breaks down the glue used on eyelash extensions that is why eyelash technicians recommend avoiding it. Always check if the product you use says “oil-free” or “water-based”. These products are safe for lash extensions.

kiyosa oil free cleanser and eyelash coating

Oil-free cleansing gel (P1,900) and lash coating (P1,250) is available for sale at any KIYOSA salon


5. You use mascara and eyelash curlers.

When you have classic lash extensions that looks natural (like the type we do at KIYOSA salon) using mascara and lash curlers is not needed anymore as the extensions already enhance the eye look. That is the main benefit of getting it!

Mascara are often oil-based, especially water-proof ones, and we’ve already learned that oil-based products should be avoided. Using eyelash curlers will deform the extensions which will make it easier to fall off. Curlers can also pull on the lashes which can cause damage.

However, on days that you feel like putting mascara on to add volume to classic lash extensions, find specific products that are safe for eyelash extensions.

There are natural factors as well…

Medical conditions and diet can affect as well since it affects whether your natural eyelashes easily sheds or not. This is actually why first timers of lash extensions service are asked about their allergies and medical conditions.

Now you know what to avoid when you have eyelash extensions. What can you do to prolong its life?

Brush or comb unruly eyelashes!

Eyelashes get disturbed too whenever you are washing your face and if you don’t brush them, they can look messy and out of place.

brushing and blowdrying eyelash extensions



You can either use eyelash brush which is the screw-like type (similar to mascara wands) or the eyelash comb which looks like a mini hair comb.

Here’s how to use them:

1. Hold the lashes and slide the screw brush outward while rolling it toward the tips.
2. After brushing, apply eyelash coating.
3. You can also use a blower while brushing your eyelashes to dry them quicker.

For best results, add this to your morning and night routines! Brushing or combing also helps to care for fragile eyelashes!

Eyelash coating is your friend!

Eyelash designers always recommend eyelash coating and you are probably wondering why.

The glue used to attach the extensions to your lashes can tend to dry out your eye area, so it is best to applying eyelash coating that contains moisturizing ingredients.

eyelash coating available at kiyosa salon
KIYOSA salon sells lash coating specially designed for eyelash extensions.

Just a warning though! Lash coating should not be confused with lash serums. The latter are more for the natural eyelashes as it conditions your lashes to help them grow longer, stronger and thicker. This means that the lash cycle is faster and is not good for eyelash extensions.

For instances where the lashes fall off naturally, you can go to your eyelash salon for a retouch! At KIYOSA, it starts at P160 per 10 pcs.

Haven’t tried eyelash extensions yet? Check out KIYOSA eyelash extensions in BGC or Makati starting at P960! Full eyelash prices can be found here.

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