The Good and Bad Eyelash Service

Eyelash extensions nowadays are getting more popular. And more women are interested in trying it out! But how do we really know if the salon we go to give a good service?

There are a lot of horror stories regarding natural lashes getting damaged pulled off because of eyelash extensions. But in reality, eyelash extensions are safer than most eyelash products or services! It just boils down to getting yourself a good eyelash salon! But how do we really know if the service is good or not? Here are some useful tips you can consider when you’re up to try eyelash extension services!

  1. Glue attached to the skin – All eyelash extension addicts know that when the glue they use gets too close to eyes, it will sting and hurt! What more if it’s attached to the skin of your eyelids?
  2. Connected eyelash extensions – 2 or more eyelash extensions attached on one natural eyelash is bad already! Because your natural lashes might not take heavy extensions making the natural ones bend, weak and fall down!
  3. Too much glue – As we’ve mentioned, the glue used for attaching eyelash extensions can make your eyes sting and hurt. So putting too much glue is bad for both your eyes and skin!
  4. Heavy eyelash extensions – Again, it is the staff-in-charge’s duty to let you know which type of eyelash extension your natural lashes can take. If you have naturally thin lashes, of course, putting very thick extensions isn’t good!
  5. Bad quality of eyelash extension material – This is an important point, especially when you’re opting for natural looking lashes. You might wanna check if the materials they use are light and anti-bacterial to prevent any irritation to your eyes or eyelids.

These are just some of the points you should consider when getting your eyelash extensions. The process shouldn’t be painful, it should be relaxing and not dangerous. So, if you experience any pain, let the staff know right away!

In contrast, here are some tips we can give you so you’ll know you are in the right hands!

  1. Good quality of eyelash extensions – The hair should compliment your natural lashes so a salon that has a variety of thickness, curl and length to choose from is very good.
  2. Antibacterial glue and extensions – These eyelash products, of course, have an effect to our eyes and eyelids. These can irritate and cause inflammation so make sure that first, you don’t have any allergies to these products and second, everything is anti bacterial including their tools.
  3. One by one technique – Attaching a lot of extensions on one natural eyelash can cause damages. One is to one technique is the best when it comes to eyelash extensions as it’s safer you.
  4. Trained staff – A lot of salons here in the Philippines let their staffs serve customers even though they aren’t trained enough. This is very dangerous for both the customers and the business. It won’t hurt to ask the staff that’ll make your eyelash extensions if she had ample training. Usually, training lasts for 2 months and if the staff didn’t train for at least two months, it might be safer to change the salon you go to.

We hope these tips helped you choosing which salon to go to to have eyelash extension done. Prevention is always better than cure, be more knowledgeable and educated about the services you’d love to try!

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