Are you always running late in the morning and you always do not have time to fix yourself? You should try having Eyelash Extension and Nail Art! You would only need to visit the salon once a monthand you would already look presentable every single day. Eyelash extension needs to be renewed every three weeks while nail art can last up to two to four weeks depending on the kind of polish, which will be discussed below. Scroll down to know more about it!

8 Things To Know About Eyelash Extension

  1. Semi-Permanent
  2. Eyelash extension are semi-permanent that can last up to three to four weeks. These eyelash extension are applied one by one by an eyelash technician on top of your natural eyelash using glue. 

  3. Customizable
  4. Eyelash extension can be customized depending on the likes of the client. The client can choose her choice of length, thickness, style, curl, and the number of lashes. The length of the eyelash extension range from 8mm to 13mm. There are also three kinds of curl: J curl, C curl, and SC curl. J curl is recommended for those who wants it to look very natural, C curl is recommend for those who wants the mascara look, while SC curl is recommended for those who wants to be a little bit more glamorous. At the same time if you are not fond of black eyelash, you can choose other colors for your eyelash extension!

  5. Long-Lasting
  6. After application of eyelash extension, avoid it from getting wet for at least four to six hours to ensure that the glue is completely dry because the eyelash extension may not adhere properly and it will fall out easily.

  7. Less Time In The Morning
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    No need of eye makeup because eyelash extension will give the illusion of eyeliner and mascara both at the same time, which means more time to sleep! At the same time, you will look more awake even without any makeup on.

  9. Less Damage
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    In order to lengthen the life of eyelash extension, there are some things you should avoid such as putting on mascara, curling the lashes, scratching and rubbing the eyes, using oil-based products, and applying eye cream. These are the main reasons why eyelash extension tends to fall off easily.

  11. Hair Cycle
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    Eyelash extension lasts for three to four weeks due to the natural hair cycle of the eyelash, which means that it is normal when a natural eyelash falls off when it stops growing and when the hair follicle shrinks. It does not mean that natural lashes fall off due to the application of the eyelash extension.

  13. Important To Avoid
  14. WRONG


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    If you want to remove your eyelash extension already, it is important to go back to your salon and have them remove it professionally. Please do not try to remove it on your own because it will cause your natural eyelash to be removed together with the eyelash extension and it will be very painful. Also, do not sleep facing down since this can cause the eyelash extension to go in different directions.

  15. Eyelash Coating

Eyelash coating is designed to protect the eyelash extension. This can be applied everyday to extend the life of the eyelash extension, protect the eyelash from dust, and provides nutrition to the natural eyelash. You may purchase this product at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty for only Php 1250.

How To Know Which Style Fits You

- same length for whole eye- two lengths for whole eye- three lengths for whole eye
- suitable for small eyes- suitable for small eyes- suitable for almond shape eyes
- follows shape of eye- will make eyes rounder- suitable for big eyes
- will brighten eyes- emphasizes the iris- cat eye look

Let’s learn more about eyelash extension from Minako-san, the Director Eyelash Technician of KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty! She is thirty years old, single, and she lived in Hokkaido, Japan.

  1. What was your previous work and why did you decide on becoming an eyelash technician?
  2. I was a hair stylist before but then I wanted to explore more about beauty so I got interested in eyelash extension and that is why I started studying about it.

  3. How long did it take you to master or study eyelash extension?
  4. When I was a hair stylist, I already had my license since it takes years of experience and practice to get one. It took me three years to study eyelash extension before I started to work.

  5. How long have you been staying in the Philippines and why did you decide to live here instead of other countries?
  6. I wanted to learn how to speak English and that is why I decided to live in the Philippines. I’ve been here for four months already and I am really having fun here.

  7. What is your specialty?

  8. CUTE



    There are three styles of eyelash extensionwhich are natural, cute, and sexy style. My specialty would be the cute style and I always recommend this to my clients since this can make your eyes bigger and look very flattering.

  9. Is it easy to teach the Filipino staff the Japanese technique of eyelash extension?
  10. It is not easy since the Japanese technique is very detailed and different from the technique being used in the Philippines. It is also hard to communicate since I am not very fluent in English. I was actually the one who trained our senior eyelash technicians for months and now they are the ones who are training our new eyelash technicians. At the same time, I am now supervising the new trainees in our Conrad branch.

  11. What is special about Japanese technique? How is it different from the technique being used in the Philippines?
  12. With the Japanese technique, we prioritize the natural eyelash of the clients and that is why our eyelash extension is placed with a ratio of 1:1, which means one extension will be placed on one eyelash unlike other salons that glues three to four extensions in one eyelash in order to avoid damage. At the same time, the use of glue is minimal so that the natural eyelash and eyelash extension will not be clumping all together.

  13. How do you deal with customers that have eyelashes that are not suitable for eyelash extension?
  14. I will talk to my client and explain the reasons why it is bad for her to get eyelash extension. There are some eyelash that are too thin or too damaged already so I do not advice them having eyelash extension because it will become worse.

  15. What do you feel after applying eyelash extensions on clients?
  16. It really makes me happy whenever my clients are satisfied with my work.

  17. How do you take care of eyelash extensions?
  18. There are some things that should be avoided such as touching the eyelash, scratching the eyes, putting on eyeliner, applying oil-based products, and applying eye cream since this is very moisturizing and will cause the eyelash extensions to fall off easily.

  19. Is there any new or current trend for eyelash extensions?

Yes! The new trend for eyelash extensions is called the volume lashes. This is very popular in Japan right now and the main difference of this is that it only has one size for the thickness, which is 0.07mm and the eyelash will have more volume because it has two to three very thin strands attached to one extension.

Regular Polish

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Regular polish entered the market in 2010 and this was very common and accessible to all. The main purpose of the regular polish is to protect nails against drying and cracking. Regular polish originally came from China wherein it contained ingredients such as beeswax, gum Arabic, and vegetable dyes.

Regular polish is also known as air dry polish, however, the drying time can reach up to thirty minutes for it to completely dry which actually became an issue to some women. At the same time, a regular polish is known to only last up to one week.

Gel Polish (Magelic)

Gel polish came in to the beauty market in 2012 wherein it was known as the soak-off gel polish. The gel polish’s main purpose is to add strength to weaker nails. The same process applies to gel polish when applying a regular polish, however, an additional step of the UV light would be needed. The UV light is used to create heat so that the gel will set and dry into the nails. This actually solved the issue of women since the gel polish can be completely dry in just one to two minutes. Gel polish is known to be more expensive than a regular polish but gel polish can last up to two weeks long!

Gel Nail (KIYOSA Gel) and Scuplture

KIYOSA Gel and Sculpture is perfect for women who wants long extended nails that can last up to a month. KIYOSA Gel is always stored in opaque pots and a brush is always needed for application. It has a thick consistency and it also has its’ own form and structure and that is why it does not move or spill even if the container is tilted.

Sculpture is also known as acrylic nails, which is made from powder. Sculpture is actually a mix of powder and a liquid monomer that is shaped into the nails by using a brush. This is perfect for women who has short nails because they can have nail extensions with their own desired lengths.


  1. Fingernails grow on an average of 3.5 millimeters a month.
  2. White spots on nails are common and harmless. It does not indicate calcium deficiency.
  3. Nail biting is called Onychophagia.
  4. Stress can cause nails to grow unhealthy.
  5. The hardness of your nails is mostly genetic.
  6. Nails need blood in order to survive.
  7. Men’s nails grow faster compared to women’s nails.
  8. Thumb nail grows the slowest while the middle fingernail grows the fastest.
  9. Nails grow faster during the summer.
  10. Cuticles protect nails from germs and bacteria.

Let’s learn more about nails from Mayuho-san, the Director Nail Technician of KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty! She is twenty-six years old, married, and she lived in Wakayama, Japan.

  1. Why did you want to become a nail technician?
  2. I really wanted to become a nail technician and that is why I chose to pursue my dream.

  3. How long did you study and master nail art?
  4. I have been studying since I was a student and it took me three years of training to fully master the art of nail before I was able to get my license as nail technician.

  5. How long have you been staying in the Philippines?
  6. I have been staying in the Philippines for four months already and I really enjoying my time here. At the same time, it is also close to Japan, which only takes four hours flight wherein I can still visit my parents.

  7. Is Japanese technique on nail different from Filipino technique?
  8. Yes, it is very different from Filipino technique. Japanese technique is much more complicated compared to the techniques being used here in the Philippines. One of the main differences is that we do not use a pusher, but instead, we use an electric file which opens and cleans the cuticles faster. At the same time, the electric file is safer to use for the nails. Another difference would be our gel pods wherein other Filipino salons usually use gel bottles. Gel pods are one of our bestseller because this is easier to control, has a higher pigmentation, and will last longer than gel polish in bottles. Moreover, all of our polish should be done perfectly wherein the linings should be perfect and should not touch the cuticles.

  9. What kind of service do clients usually ask?

  10. My clients usually ask for diamond nail art. This is actually my bestseller and I would recommend other clients to try this out.

  11. Is it easy to teach Filipino staff?
  12. I am still not very fluent in english and that is why it is harder for me to teach Filipino staff, however, they try to understand what I say and look carefully on how I do it and that is why I feel very happy whenever they try to recreate my designs.

  13. Do you have a specific nail style that you would always recommend to clients?
  14. I would recommend one color nail with an accent of diamonds to make it look simple but elegant.

  15. Do you have any tips on how to take of nails especially after nail service?
  16. It is very important to keep our nails moisturized. It is recommended to apply lotion and cuticle oil every single day to avoid dryness. At the same time, please avoid work associated with water, too much pressure on nails, washing for too long, and nail biting.

  17. Is there any new trend?
  18. Photo by: Tumblr

    The new trend in Japan for nail art right now is the natural style and nuance nail art.

  19. How do you get inspirations for your designs?
  20. In order to get inspirations, I usually check Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media for some designs. At the same time, if the client has a specific design that she wants, I can recreate it for her.

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    Have a very beautiful weekend!

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