Self Blow Drying 101

Drying hair has been a no no for most Filipinas because it takes time and effort to perfectly dry the hair. But little do we know the importance of properly drying the hair.

Most of us do it carelessly. Just drying the hair is enough, even though the style and technique is wrong! The proper way of drying the hair is actually very easy!


This video shows how most of us use blowers in drying our hair. But this way and method is VERY WRONG!! It takes your time but just produces bad looking hair!


If you dry your hair pointing the blower straight to your face, the sides of your hair will surely fly away. And we know you don’t want that. So make sure not to position the blower in front of your face.


Your hair will not be parted naturally, and the sides will stick upwards making you look like a mess even if you blow dried your hair.


Volume is very important, we’re sure you don’t want to look like someone licked you hair straight. The wrong way of blow drying will make your hair look super flat, dull and no volume at all!!

Yes, the back side is also important. Most girls pay attention only on the side and front, but make it a point to check even the back side to achieve the best hair style!

See the results of careless hair drying? It’s just too bad!! The video below on the other hand, shows how we can dry our hair properly to achieve that effortless looking gorgeous hairstyle!!

First step to properly blow dry your hair is to position the blower pointing a little bit downwards and then combing your hair towards the direction of the hair.

Second one is to reverse the position and repeat the process. This is to properly dry the other side of your hair.


Do the same position and process when drying your bangs and the top of your head.


For the back side of your hair, you will have to lower your head and again, comb your hair towards the direction of the air.


Reverse the position and repeat the process again and voila!! Your hair will look amazingly good!!
And oh, do not forget to DRY THE ROOTS FIRST. Most of us think we need to dry the bottom part of our hair first but again, that’s a no no! Roots first then work your way downwards!


These steps are very easy to follow and you can certainly do it by yourself. This actually takes less than 5 minutes to do. It won’t take much of your time, plus it will definitely give you a gorgeous look even if you have a busy schedule! So make sure to try and do this at home!



We always make it a point to show and teach our customers on how they can dry their hair by themselves. We hope this blog can help you master drying your hair using blowers everyday to successfully bring out the best hair style!

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