Regular Polish vs Acrylic Nails

What kind of polish do you prefer on your nails? Regular polish or acrylic nails? Are you the type to visit the salon at least twice a month or are you too busy that you could only afford to visit once a month? Here are some facts you need to know about regular polish and acrylic nails.


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Regular polish entered the market in 2010 and this was very common and accessible to all. The main purpose of the regular polish is to protect the nails against drying and cracking. Regular polish originally came from China wherein it contained ingredients such as beeswax, gum Arabic, and vegetable dyes.

Regular polish is also known as air dry polish, however, the drying time can reach up to thirty minutes for it to completely dry which actually became an issue to some women. At the same time, a regular polish is known to only last up to one week.


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1.Easy to Apply

Applying regular polish is very easy wherein it can be applied by anyone even without experience as a nail technician. It will also only take a few minutes in applying.

2. Easy to Remove

In order to remove regular polish, only an acetone would be needed. Just place some acetone on a cotton and rub it on the nails to remove the polish.

3. Various Colors

There are tons of shades to choose from since there are a lot of brands in the market that are selling regular polish because this is one of the most popular kind of nail polish.

4. Various Design

Nail art and nail designs can be added on top of the regular polish from simple to glamorous designs.


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1. Easy to Chip and Break

Regular polish only needs air for it dry so there is a high possibility for it to chip and break i just three days. If you have a party or an event to attend, regular polish would not be recommended since it could chip anytime.

2. Takes Time To Dry

Regular polish does not use UV light for it to dry so it would take around twenty to thirty minutes for it to fully air dry.


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Acrylic nails or artificial nails is nail enhancement that is made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powder acrylic product. These two products are specifically called monomer and polymer, which will be combined and formed into a nail shape that you desire. This is ideal for women who wants to change their nail shape and have more length. Once the shape and length has been formed, it will dry and become as hard as real nails. This is more expensive compared to a regular polish but this could last for at least three to four weeks on the nails.

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At the same time, a different method is used in removing acrylic nails. Each of the acrylic nails needs to be soaked in acetone until it is soft enough to be removed. It would be recommended to visit a nail technician to remove this in order to avoid damaging the nail bed.

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This was actually invented in 1934 by Maxwell Lappe, a dentist. He created artificial nails for the benefit of those people who likes to bite their nails. Eventually, this became a huge fashion statement in the beauty industry.

According to Lawrence E. Gibson, MD: “Artificial nails are unlikely to harm natural nails as long as they’re healthy.” With that said, it is possible to harm the natural nails if it is damaged or not taken cared off properly. If the artificial nail is damaged already, it may cause a gap to develop in between the artificial nail and the natural nail, which may cause infection due to the environment around us. Another cause of infection is the use of very long artificial nail that is not suitable to the nails since different people have different nail type and length.


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1. Square Nails

Square nails are flat on top with straight and sharp corners. This is a popular shape for those with short nails and long, narrow nail bed.

2. Squoval Nails

Square oval or squoval nails is flat on top but with rounded corners.

3. Oval Nails

Oval nails are filed on the side down to the tips. This will make your fingers look more slender compared to round nails.

4. Round Nails

The classic round shape is also popular for those who wants to keep their nails short. This is similar to square nails but it curves on the edges by following the shape of the fingertip.

5. Almond Nails

Almond nails are similar to oval nails but it looks more like an almond wherein the nail wall is tapered to the end in a rounded shape.

6. Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain peak nails is similar to stiletto nails but it is shorter and more also very sharp and pointy.

7. Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are very dramatic and sharp. It will be shaped first as an almond nail then filed until it looks spikey at the end.

8. Ballerina Nails

Ballerina nails are also known as coffin-shaped nails because it resembles the shape of a coffin and the ballerina shoe. This is similar to stiletto nails but it has a square tip instead of a sharp tip.

9. Edge Nails

Edge nails forms a sharp and pointy tip but it is less bold compared to the stiletto nails. This forms a ridge through the center of the nails, which looks like an edge.

10. Lipstick Nails

Lipstick nails looks like a fresh tube of lipstick. This is a squared nail but it slants diagonally to create a unique nail shape.

11. Flare Nails

Flare nails is also known as duck bill shape wherein the tip is square but it is wider than the width of the natural nail.

12. Arrow Head Nails

Arrow head nails is similar to stiletto nails but softer. The tip is shorter and less pointy as compared to stiletto nails.


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1. Long Lasting

Acrylic nails lasts up to three to four weeks and, at the same time, they do not break as easily as natural nails.

2. Numerous Design

Acrylic nails can cover the whole nail or it can be used as extensions at the end of the nail. The design can be as simple as a french tip or it can be any glamorous nail art design.

3. Natural

Acrylic nails can look as natural as your real nails depending on the length that will be applied. This will also depend on how experienced the nail technician is since applying acrylic nails will require skills.

4. Prevents Nail Biting

One of the ways to prevent nail biting is by applying nail polish or by applying acrylic nails since the natural nails will be covered. There will be no problem in biting acrylic nails since it is more durable and harder to bite compared to the natural nails.

5. Protect Weak Nails

Acrylic nails can help prevent nail breakage for women with weak and unhealthy nails.


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1. Maintenance

Acrylic nails are expensive and one of the concerns would be having it applied it again once the nails have grown long.

2. Chemical Smell

There is a chemical smell when applying acrylic nails and that is why nail technicians always wear a mask. This kind of chemical smell should not be inhaled for too long because it can cause headaches for some women. At the same time, there are some women who can not bear this kind of smell because it is strong.

3. Having Breaks

It is important to give the natural nails a break from acrylic nails since it is important for the natural nails to breathe and have a break from chemicals on it.

4. Infection and Breakage

Nail technicians require skills and experience in order to apply and remove acrylic nails because this can break and damage the nails. At the same time, if the nail technicians are not skilled enough, infections can happen.


1. Acrylic Nail Extensions

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Acrylic nail extensions is created by mixing a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. These will be combined to form a hard protective layer that will be shaped and sculpted on top of the natural nail. After one to two minutes, this will harden and it can be shaped, filed, and buffed to the shape you desire.

2. Gel Nail Extensions

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Gel nail extensions is applying a gel on top of the natural nail, which is a hair gel type of consistency that will help strengthen the nail and help it grow long naturally. In order for this to harden, it needs to be cured in a UV lamp in order to create a hard extension.

3. Silk Nail Extensions

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Silk nail extensions involves cutting small pieces of silk to fit onto the nails. A resin or a glue will be used to seal the silk pieces in place, however, this process is not very popular and is not usually used when applying nail extensions.


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1. Picking and Peeling Your Polish

Never pick and peel off your polish when it is already chipping. Always use an acetone for your polish removal since picking your polish can lead to removing the top layer of your nail bed, which can weaken your nails.

2. Removal of Polish

All kinds of polish should be removed by an acetone and not by picking it and waiting for all of it to chip and fall off. In order to have a good polish, it is important to take care of the nails. If the nails are brittle and broken, no matter how expensive the polish is, it will not look nice and will just look damaged. One way to take care and improve the health of the nails is to avoid eating junk foods.

3. Nail Biting

There are three main reasons why nail biting should not be done. Firstly, it can damage the tissue around the nails and it will grow into abnormal-looking nails. Secondly, this can affect, chip, and break the teeth and can also lead to jaw problems in the future. Lastly, our hands and nails are full of germs from all the things that we touch. Nail biting will let germs inside our body and eventually lead to sickness. In order to prevent nail biting, nails could be cut short, coat the nails with something spicy, or wear gloves.

4. Apply Oil Cuticle

All kinds of polish can dry out the nails and cuticles so it is important to apply on oil cuticle everyday. Cuticle oil will moisturize the nails and cuticles because it is made of vegetable oils, vitamins, and citric acid. At the same time, it can increase the circulation, stimulate nail growth, and help improve the health and appearance of the nails.

5. Have a Break

Regular polish and acrylic nails can help nails become stronger and help avoid nail biting but you should also give your a nails a break. Constant use of polish can eventually weaken the nails so it is important to also take a break so that the nails can breathe from chemicals and toxins and grow naturally.

6. Avoid Water Exposure

It is best to avoid being exposed to water for too long so you can wear rubber gloves when cleaning the dishes or doing some chores in order to protect your nails and prevent any painful chipping and splitting to happen. At the same time, this can avoid any bacteria from coming into your nails.


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