Regular Polish vs Acrylic Nails

We have discussed in a previous blog post about the difference of gel polish and regular polish, but did you know about acrylic nails? 

In this blog post, we will discuss:

  • What are acrylic nails
  • Pros and cons of acrylic nails
  • Tips for maintaining healthy nails




Acrylic nails are made by combining a liquid monomer with a powder polymer, which will be combined and formed into some sort of paste which is then shaped and bonded to your natural nails.


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Acrylic nails are perfect for ladies who have short and weak nails but want to change their nail shape and have more length. In fact, acrylic nails were actually invented in 1934 by a dentist named Maxwell Lappe. He created it for the benefit of those people who like to bite their nails. Eventually, it grew into a huge fashion statement in the beauty industry.


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Acrylic extensions have also become a staple for nail art enthusiasts since it enables a greater surface area to do detailed or intricate nail designs. 




Once the shape and length have been formed, it will dry and become as hard as real nails. This is more expensive compared to a regular polish but this could last for at least three to four weeks on the nails.

If you want to prolong your extensions you can also get an acrylic fill every two weeks.




As mentioned earlier, since the invention of acrylic nails had nail-biting in mind, it is highly recommended. However, there are some concerns that it might damage the nails.


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In an article written by Dr. Lawrence E. Gibson, MD, he said that acrylic nails will not harm the nails as long as they are healthy in the first place. Most likely, there will be damage because the application of the acrylic nail extension was not professionally made.


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It is possible to harm the natural nails if it is damaged or not taken cared off properly. If the artificial nail is damaged already, it may cause a gap to develop in between the artificial nail and the natural nail, which may cause infection due to the environment around us. 


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Here are pros of getting acrylic extensions:

  1. It prevents nail biting

There will be no problem in biting acrylic nails since it is more durable and harder to bite compared to the natural nails.

  1. It protects weak nails

Acrylic nails can help prevent nail breakage for women with weak and unhealthy nails.

  1. It is long-lasting

Acrylic nails lasts up to three to four weeks and, at the same time, they do not break as easily as natural nails.

  1. It enables more nail art design choices

Since acrylic nails can increase the length of your nails, you or your nail technician will now have more surface area to work on detailed designs! The design can be as simple as a french tip or it can be any glamorous nail art design.


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Here are the cons of getting acrylic extensions:

  1. It has a strong chemical smell

There is an overpowering smell when applying acrylic nails and that is why nail technicians always wear a mask during the procedure. This kind of chemical smell should not be inhaled for too long because it can cause headaches for some women. At the same time, there are some women who can not bear this kind of smell because it is strong.

  1. It has a risk of infection and breakage

Nail technicians require skills and experience in order to apply and remove acrylic nails because this can break and damage the nails. At the same time, if the nail technicians are not skilled enough, infections can happen.

  1. You will have to go back to the salon to have it removed

A special different method is used in removing acrylic nails. Each of the acrylic nails needs to be soaked in acetone until it is soft enough to be removed. It would be recommended to visit a nail technician to remove this in order to avoid damaging the nail bed.


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making acrylic extension paste

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Acrylic nail extensions are created by mixing a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. These will be combined to form a hard protective layer that will be shaped and sculpted on top of the natural nail. After one to two minutes, this will harden and it can be shaped, filed, and buffed to the shape you desire.


gel extensions

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Gel nail extensions is applying a gel on top of the natural nail. In order for this to harden, it needs to be cured in a UV lamp in order to create a hard extension.


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