3 Important Things You Should Watch Out To Prevent Salon Hair Damage


It’s fun to experiment with different hair colors and hairstyles but, if not taken care of properly, it will take a toll and damage your hair. In today’s blog post, we will discuss some hair care tips you need to remember so that you can prevent salon hair damage. At the end, there are also some tips on some after-salon hair care tips!

How can you prevent salon hair damage?

1. Ask for a treatment after a hair color, rebond or perm procedure!

Did you know that hair is actually a dead cell? In a previous post, we have discussed how the hair cycle works but has a better explanation as to why the hair we see is actually dead.

“Inside a hair follicle is a hair bulb. This bulb is where living hair is formed, as your blood vessels deliver nutrients to the cells inside. The hair cells then grow out of the hair follicle — this is when you’ll be able to see the hair on your skin. Next, a string of new cells is created in place of the old cells. This process leads to the strand-like appearance of your hair. As the hair follicle continually pushes old cells out and creates new ones, your hair stays rooted in your scalp and skin. It’s also why it doesn’t hurt you at all when your hair is cut — there are no living cells to transmit pain to your brain.” (Source:

anatomy of hair follicle
Source: Revolutiongray

Why does it matter that hair is a dead cell? It means that it is impossible for any treatment to restore your hair to its original state or remove the damage. That doesn’t mean hair treatments are useless, though. They serve as a protection so that the damage will not get worse.

2. Regularly get a head spa to improve the scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair!

If your goal is to have healthy hair, what you should actually focus on more is the scalp as it is the “living” part of the hair.

Have you heard of “Head spa”? It is a staple in many Japanese salons as it is a very useful treatment for healthy hair. It is very relaxing too! It is very effective to stimulate hair growth and promote blood circulation while thoroughly removing dirt.

You could really expect a positive effect since head spa combines scalp care and hair treatment in one! It cleanses and refreshes hair and scalp to restore hair volume from the roots. It is also great for deep-cleaning and removing hair residues like waxes, hair sprays, dandruff and flakes that normal shampoo cannot remove. While preventing hair loss and boosting hair growth, it also eases headaches and eyestrain.


head spa process
Headspa is offered at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty starting at P880 only

The process is fairly quick: a head spa service usually takes about 30 minutes. First, your hair will be shampooed with a product that specifically cares for oily scalp while carefully and gently cleanses the scalp and hair. After rinsing, a scalp conditioner will be applied and massaged on your head for about 12 minutes. At this point you will really feel relaxed and might even feel tingling sensations on your body! When the twelve minutes are up, hair treatment will be applied then rinsed. After drying, scalp moisturizer and leave on spray will be applied for a soft and shiny finish.

3. Make sure your hairstylist is a trusted professional!

This is one of the most overlooked factors because it can be quite difficult to point out. We can’t know unless we actually tried their services but then at that point it’s already too late.

How do you find the best hair stylist?

To help you decide, here are the top indicators your hairstylist is a good one:
1. They should have great testimonials or reviews from previous clients! It would be best if you already know someone who is a regular client of that particular stylist. You can also find online reviews via Google or Facebook!
2. They make sure all their tools are well-maintained, especially their scissors. If your hairstylist uses a blunt scissor, it will most definitely damage your hair.
3. They should be able to give proper counselling and explain the procedure and its effects to your hair. Both you and the hairstylist should easily understand each other and reach a compromise where you will achieve your desired look but with the least damage to the hair as possible.

hair damage analysis

There are different levels of hair damage that professional hairstylists will determine during consultation. (Source:

In Japan, they pride themselves on having strict pharmaceutical laws that ensure their products have less damage and are hair friendly, but they don’t claim it will have zero damage. It all depends on the appropriate procedure to do which is why a professional stylist is a must. They have enough training and experience to know which is applicable depending on the current condition of the hair.

How do you maintain healthy hair at home?

No matter what salon service you get, it is inevitable that your hair will get damaged because you are basically altering the natural state of your hair. The keys are to find a salon who uses products that cause the least damage possible and make sure to follow an after-salon care ritual.

Here are some hair care tips by one of our Junior Hairstylists: Jon

Use the correct shampoo

Choose the shampoo that fits your scalp and hair type. There are shampoos for dry scalp, oily scalp, dandruff and even other hair problems. Similarly, there are shampoos for coloured hair, frizzy hair and even normal hair!

nanoamino shampoo from japan
Make sure to use shampoo without sulfate! (Source: Amazon)

You can also dilute your shampoo before you apply shampoo to your hair and scalp. This will reduce the high concentration of chemicals in the shampoo.

Instead of conditioner, use treatment for everyday use.

You might be wondering: what is the difference between hair treatment and hair conditioner? To put it simply, a hair treatment will work from the inside-out while hair conditioners only work on the surface. This means hair treatments are more useful to prevent further damage to hair.

japanese hair treatment
Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask is one of the Best Hair Treatment according to

Tip: Treatments are very important for your hair, but it is not made for the scalp. Apply treatment from the mid length of your hair to the tips. Let it remain for a couple of minutes to moisturise your strands before washing it off.

Don’t leave your hair wet!

This is the number one advice of Japanese hairstylists. The hair cuticle is opened when the hair is wet, and it becomes more prone to damage. By blow-drying, the hair cuticles will be closed. Our previous blog post will help you understand the difference of blow drying and air drying.


Blow drying your hair is important!

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