How to Wear Makeup with Eyelash Extensions

Not all of us are blessed with full, long, and gorgeous lashes. In fact, this is what makeup brands like Maybelline are trying to provide by coming up with different formulations of mascara that either gives length or volume to the lashes.

Those who have discovered eyelash extensions swear that it is much better. Once you go to a trusted salon that ensures professional work and uses high-quality materials and you probably won’t go back to mascara ever again! The magic of eyelash extensions is that it cuts down the morning and evening routine of women while simultaneously enhancing your eye look. When done well, it looks very effortless and natural!


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If you are unfamiliar with it, you might want to read more about some facts about eyelash extensions on our previous blog posts. Basically, what attracts women to this trend is the convenience it gives by not spending too much time on doing your makeup before leaving for work or school. You can literally pull of a #nomakeupmakeuplook and #wokeuplikethis every single day with zero effort!


How long do eyelash extensions last?

A good eyelash extension lasts for at least three to four weeks. It can even go for longer if you constantly come back to the salon for retouch every two weeks.


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However, with great power comes great responsibility. There are things to be wary about that can cause your extensions to fall off. You need to be careful on what products you use, especially on your face such as skin care and makeup.

Can you wear makeup when getting eyelash extensions?

100% YES.

We know that there will come a day where a full-on makeup is needed, like going to an event or party. Some people get concerned that makeup might ruin the eyelash extensions so they don’t get them in the first place.


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You can definitely wear makeup even if you have eyelash extensions. However, it would help if you act a little cautiously while applying makeup if you want to have long-lasting lashes.


How to wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions directly link with the eye makeup. So, it would help if you behave extra carefully in that. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow:


1. Avoid oil-based makeup products and makeup remover.

Oil particles are small and affect the glue used to attach the extensions which can easily make them fall off. This means waterproof eye makeup products are not your friend since they usually need oil-based makeup removers to clean off. Micellar water is okay to use with eyelash extensions, but be wary as some formulations contain oil.


remove eye makeup with cotton swab when you have eyelash extensions

Use a cotton swab for a more precise tool to remove eye makeup, as opposed to using cotton pads.

2. Put off using mascara and eyeliner as much as possible.

Using mascara and eyeliner are highly discouraged when you have eyelash extensions since removing them requires rubbing off the eyelashes. This can cause the lashes to fall off prematurely and might affect their alignment. If you choose to apply mascara, it can ruin the glue, and your lashes will clump together. But if you want to apply mascara, then go with one that is primarily made up for this purpose.


use waterbased eyeliner when you have eyelash extensions


You don’t really need them when you have eyelash extensions since it already gives off a thick lash line effect on your eyes. But when you want to pull off a cat-eye look, be sure to use a water-based eyeliner so it is easily removable.

3. Do not use eyelash curlers!

There are a lot of curl choices for eyelash extensions and it is semi-permanent so using eyelash curlers is not necessary. If you want a strong curl for your lashes, we recommend getting the SC curl as your eyelash extensions.

do not use eyelash curler when you have eyelash extensions

4. Play around with eyeshadow to enhance your eyes!

Since eyeshadows are applied on the lids, it is not much of a hassle to remove them without touching the eyelashes. The only thing to be cautious about when applying eyeshadow when you have eyelash extensions is to avoid powder fallouts as much as possible. You can prevent this by tapping the excess on your brush before applying then slowly build up the pigment to your desired look.

You can also opt for colored eyelash extensions if you want to be creative with your look!

To give you more idea, you can watch how Sam Pinto does her 5-minute makeup look with KIYOSA eyelash extensions!

A few reminders to about eyelash extensions…

Make sure you are using high-quality antibacterial eyelash extensions. If you see any symptoms of allergy, and infections then consult with your dermatologist for instant action. It is common practice to first get a patch test from the salon you will get your eyelash extensions from.

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