How to Take Care of Bleached Hair


Taking care of the hair is no joke – it needs TLC to keep it healthy, shiny, and strong. But taking care of a chemically damaged and bleached hair is another story. It needs double care than your usual hair care routine. Shall we start?

Deep Conditioning

Make up for your lack of shampoo with hydrating conditioners and masks. The idea is to fill in the extra porosity of the hair with protein and moisture. This helps to rebuild strength. (And shine, too.) The bottom line is that bleach leaves strands very dry, so don’t skimp on a color-saving conditioner in the shower and use a leave-in treatment on damp hair once a week to help quench thirsty locks.

Aftercare Treatment

Even if you find yourself taking excellent care of your hair before and during a day in the sun or water, don’t forget to give your locks some nourishing love afterward.

If your hair has had its fair share of sun, salt, and/or chlorine exposure for the day, it’s important to wash it carefully afterward (especially chlorine, as nobody wishes to be green-blonde). Washing with a protein-based shampoo and conditioner to bring hair back to life and to help reverse any damage that may have been done is recommended.

Protect your hair from heat-styling tools

Hair serum coats each hair strand for protection against the elements and heat styling. Serums may contain silicone, that helps smooth hair and prevent frizz, or oils such as Argan oil, infusing moisture into dry locks. Hair serums with sunblock help prevent your hair from sun damage. After shampooing, take a few drops of hair serum, and then smooth the serum on your wet hair. Carefully distribute the hair serum evenly, starting near the ends and working up to your scalp.



Hair Care Tips by Sumiko Fukami, Senior Hair Stylist at Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty

• Always ask your hair stylist to use chemicals that are less damaging to the hair.

• Aftercare is a must – I always use my favorite organic balm to keep the natural strength of my hair and to also avoid it from breakage.

• To keep the light color of your bleached hair, visit your favorite salon every once in a while, and ask for a color-correcting shampoo to cancel out any yellow/brassy tones from bleaching the hair. In Kiyosa, we are using Ales Color Murasaki Shampoo to color-correct the hair’s hue.



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