Here are 5 Bad Practices of Eyelash Extensions You Should Avoid

With face masks as a part of our day to day lives, it has become more difficult to get pretty and look presentable. That didn’t stop the fashion and beauty industries from becoming innovative though. From fashionable masks to transfer-proof lipsticks, people are continuously finding different ways to still continue to express their style.

Let’s face it. Most of us cannot splurge too much on things that are considered non-essential especially during these times. But having a pamper day can be a way to take a break from stress and make us feel good! This is why when we do make that appointment at a salon, we have to make sure it’s worth every cent!

In this blog post, we will discuss the warning signs of a bad eyelash extensions service. Make sure to watch out for these when choosing your eyelash extension salon!

What Makes A Bad Eyelash Extensions Service?

The procedure for eyelash extensions is not as easy as it looks. There are several nuances to consider which is why it is better to go to a trusted salon that offers the best eyelash extensions services in the metro.

This is why in KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty salon, all eyelash designers undergo training from a licensed Japanese staff and they tackle the following no-no’s when it comes to applying eyelash extensions.

1. Touching the Skin

Proper placement of eyelash extension from eyelid and roots. (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

The perfect distance when putting eyelash extensions is at two (2) millimeters away from the eyelids. This part is very crucial because when the extension is placed against the eyelid, it will cause irritation and even swelling. It would feel uncomfortable and might even poke your eyes.

On the other hand, when the extension is placed too far away from the roots, it might put too much strain on the lashes and can cause damage or make it fall off. It is also often the cause of lash extensions bending in a different direction.

2. Using too much glue

Natural eyelashes clump together because of too much glue

Natural eyelashes clump together because of too much glue. (Source: Pinterest)

There is a decided amount of glue that is appropriate for applying eyelash extensions. Putting too much glue will make the lashes stick together and may eventually lead to loss of natural lashes! It also weighs down the lashes making it look droopy. Putting too little glue won’t attach the extensions properly.

3. Putting eyelash on baby hair or old hair

Baby eyelashes are delicate. (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

Baby eyelashes are delicate. (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

Much like the hairs on our head, our eyelashes also undergo a natural hair cycle composed of different stages.

The anagen phase is the starting point where the eyelashes start to grow. To make it easy to remember, the anagen phase is baby lashes. It is not advisable to put extensions on these hairs because they are still delicate and cannot withstand too much weight.

The catagen phase is the point where the eyelashes have reached maximum growth. The perfect time to put extensions is by the end of the anagen phase and the beginning of the catagen phase.

The last stage is called the telogen phase. This is when the eyelashes fall off and the cycle starts once again. Attaching the extensions on eyelashes this stage should be avoided because it would only come off quickly.

Good eyelash technicians are trained to determine which phase of growth are the natural lashes so you can keep your eyelash extensions longer!

4. Wrong alignment of lashes

The proper alignment of eyelash extensions to natural lashes (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

The proper alignment of eyelash extensions to natural lashes (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

If the placement of extensions are not aligned correctly, it would look very messy and unnatural. It would also twist the natural lashes and cause damage.

eyelash extensions by kiyosa japanese total beauty salon

Perfect alignment of eyelash extensions by KIYOSA eyelash designers

5. More than one extension per strand of hair

Heavy eyelash extensions will cause strain to the natural lashes. (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

Heavy eyelash extensions will cause strain to the natural lashes. (Source: Sunlook Instagram)

Inexperienced eyelash technicians will attach more than one extension to a natural lash in order to get a full volume look without realizing that it is very harmful. We want our eyes to look gorgeous, but not at the expense of our lashes’ health.

To achieve a mascara effect volume look without causing damage to the lashes, avail the Flat Lash upgrade of KIYOSA’s eyelash extensions! It is only an additional P800 from the classic rates.

The Japanese pioneered eyelash extensions that are lightweight and comfortable. This is because they know that too thick and heavy extensions damage the eyelashes and may even cause hair loss. They also implement a one-to-one ratio for eyelash procedures. This means only one eyelash extension to one natural lash.

Eyelash Extensions is an Art and a Science

There are a lot of things to consider when performing an eyelash extension procedure even though it looks simple. A perfect eyelash salon for you is one that makes your eyes beautiful but still prioritizes the health of your lashes.

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty staff explains these things and more during the counseling session before the procedure starts. We also offer a free patch test in order to check whether you have an allergic reaction to the glue we used.

Want to experience #KiyosaLashes? Our eyelash extensions service starts at P960 depending on the number of pieces and whether it would be with a junior, senior, or Japanese staff.

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