Halloween is already in two weeks! Did you start preparing already? If you still need help for ideas and where to purchase some Halloween hairstyle items such as wigs, hair extensions, and temporary hair color, you’ve come to the right place! 

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When celebrating Halloween, dressing up in a costume is important. However in dressing up, it is important to complete the whole look from the hairstyle, headdress, makeup, costume, and props. This might seem a lot for a Halloween party but Halloween is actually the second biggest commercial holiday next to Christmas so decorating and dressing up for this season is as important as celebrating the upcoming Christmas season!

For the hairstyle, there are some options to choose from such as the wig, hair extension, temporary hair color, and hair arrangement.

Different Kinds of Wig

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If you are planning to purchase a wig, there are various kinds of wigs to choose from in the market such as standard cap, monofilament wig, capless wig, human hair wig, synthetic wig, lace wig, and vacuum wig.

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Standard or wefted cap is the most basic type of wig. This is the cheapest kind of wig since this is made with a sewing machine that sews each row of hair weft until it becomes a cap and can be easily wearable.

Photo by: Monofilament

Monofilament wig is a cap made from polyester or nylon mash. This kind of cap looks like skin and the strands of hair are individually hand tied into a mash.

Photo by: Capless

Capless wig is lighter and has lace strips instead of a cap. At the same time, the scalp can breathe more since it is not a cap. It will feel less hotter since the whole head is not covered compared to the other wigs.

Photo by: Humanhair

Human hair wig is the most natural looking big and is the most expensive of all. This can actually be dyed, cut, and styled just like a real hair. The only downside of this is that this should be taken cared of properly wherein it has to be shampooed, dried, and conditioned just like a human’s hair.

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Synthetic wig is made from synthetic materials and is also cheaper compared to other kinds of wig. This kind of wig cannot be styled because it is sensitive to heat and will break. On the other hand, this is the easiest kind of wig that can be found in the Philippines. 

Photo by: Lacewig

Lace wig is a full wig with lace at the front part, which will help the hair look more natural. At the same time, it is more comfortable due to the mesh in the front part of the wig.

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Vacuum wig is a kind of wig that is custom made for an individual. In order to create this, the size and the shape of the head will be measured with a use of a mould that will make it perfectly fit the individual. This is great for those looking for wigs that will perfecty fit their head and feel more comfortable with it. 

Where To Buy Wigs In The Philippines

1. Lucky Doll

Photo by:  Luckydoll

2. Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop

Photo by: Cosmic

3. Wigs Philippines

Photo by: Wisgph

4. Wigs Shoppe

Photo by: Wigsshoppe

5. Lynelle House of Hair Fashion

Photo by: Lynelle

Hair Extension

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Hair extension has also various kinds and each type of hair extension will depend on your budget, preference, and hair type. Some of the other factors include the quality of the hair if it is synthetic or real and the length of the hair you prefer.

Hair professionals usually prefer the real type of hair extension because it can be styled with the use of blow dryers, flat iron, and curling iron. This can last for six to twelve months but it is  more expensive compared to the synthetic hair extension. On the other hand, synthetic hair is usually coated with silicone in order to give the natural glossiness of the hair but this also fades after how many uses. This will only last for one to three months and it cannot be dyed and be styled with a use of a flat iron or a curling iron because it will break.

Types of Hair Extension

1. Micro Link Hair Extension

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Micro link hair extension or also known as micro bead and loop hair extension is applied by looping the hair extensions to the natural hair, clamping it with the use of pliers, and locking it with a metal bead.

2. Weave Hair Extension

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Weave hair extension is applied wherein the natural hair will be braided and the hair extensions will be attached with the use of a needle and a thread of cotton. This type of hair extension will suit all kinds of hair but it will suit those with thick hair the most. This will not suit those with thin hair if the hair extension is applied too tight and it can also feel too heavy for the scalp.

3. Tape Hair Extension

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The tape hair extension is the quickest and easiest to attach to the natural hair and this is actually one of the most popular to purchase in the Philippines. The hair extension will be taped and then sandwiched on either side of your hair. This can last up to six to twelve weeks and, at the same time, this is very easy to maintain compared to other hair extensions but it will be hard to tie your hair up because there will be a tendency that the clips may get removed.

4. Pre-Bonded or Fusion Hair Extension

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Pre-bonded or fusion hair extension is the most popular among all types of hair extension but this can also be the most damaging due to its’ application. The hair extension is bonded to the natural hair with the use of glue and keratin. The application takes at least four hours or more and this hair extension can last up to six months.

Where To Buy Hair Extension

1. Mermaid Manila Hair Extension

Photo by: mermaid

2. Sam Human Hair Extensions Manila

Photo by: samhuman

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty may accept customers who needs to attach their wigs or hair extensions professionally but this would depend on your wig or hair extensions since there are some that are already damaged or there are those that cannot be styled with heat. You may bring your wig or hair extensions to the salon and have it approved by our Director Japanese Hair Stylist. You may click HERE to book an appointment.

Temporary Hair Color

If wigs and hair extensions will be a hassle for you, another option to try in the market is temporary hair color.

1. Hair Mascara

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Hair Mascara is colored mascara that is made to add color highlights to the hair. If you are thinking of coloring the whole head, this may not work. This will only work properly for a few sections that will work as a highlight. Apply the wand directly to the hair and keep on layering it in order to intensify the color. The color will last on your hair up to one to two shampoos.

Where To Purchase:beautymnl

2. Hair Chalk

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Hair Chalk is very easy to use and also very easy to wash off. You can add any color to your hair by simply washing your hair without product, then wet the hair section you wish to color, then smooth out the hair chalk to your hair, then seal it off with a hairspray.

Where To Purchase:watsons

3. Colored Hairspray

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Colored hairspray would be also very easy to use since you would just need to spray this onto the hair section that you want to be colored. This can be removed after two to four shampoos although you may need more than a bottle of colored hairspray depending on your hair length.  

Where To Purchase:beautymnl

4. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Bleaching the hair will give the perfect semi-permanent hair dye that can give the perfect shade of color that you want. You can make your hair color light, dark, or vibrant with the help of bleach.

Bleaching removes the color of your hair through the process of oxidation. Oxidation decolourised the pigment of the hair which will make the hair color yellow or sometimes almost white. The most commonly used bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. According to Philip Kingsley Salon, “It’s potentially the most damaging coloring method because the agent fully penetrates the hairs’ outer cuticle. When it comes to having hydrogen peroxide and ammonia that close to your cuticles, it seems wise to let a professional do the job.”

In order to take care of bleached hair, it is important to use the correct shampoo. It would be appropriate to alternately use a protein-rich formula shampoo and a moisture-rich formula shampoo but both has to be sulfate-free in order to avoid drying out the hair.

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Purple shampoo is another kind of shampoo that is made for light colored hair such as blonde, platinum, ashy blonde, silver, gray, white, and pastel. Purple shampoo uses the color purple to brighten the dullness of the hair without the need to go back to your salon. You may purchase this purple shampoo at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty for only Php 1500.

You may try getting your semi-permanent hair dye at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty for only Php 3000 for short hair, Php 3300 for medium hair, and Php 3800 for long hair. You may click HEREto book an appointment.

Where To Avail Service:KIYOSA

5. Hair Color Wax

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Another affordable way to color your hair would be the hair color wax. This is one of the latest trends and it can be washed by just one shampoo although it will also take time to put the color on all the strands of the hair.

Where To Purchase:Penshoppe

Hair Arrangement

If you do not wish to purchase any items, you may have your hairstyle done in a salon! Here are some hair looks you can try out.

Zombie Hair

Photo by: zombie

Mermaid Hair

Photo by: mermaid

Disney Villain Hair

Photo by: villain

Fairy Hair

Photo by: fairy

Vampire Hair

Photo by: vampire

Unicorn Hair

Photo by: unicorn

Skull Hair

Photo by: skull

Bat Hair

Photo by bat

Smurf Hair

Photo by: smurf

If you do not have enough time to visit the salon, here are some hairstyles that you can do at home by following these easy steps!

Classic Witch Hair

Step 1: Shampoo The Hair

Step 2: Wind The Hair Using Small Rods

Step 3: Dry The Hair With The Use Of Blower

Classic Princess French Braid Hair

Step 1: Divide The Hair Into Two Sections

Step 2: French Braid Both Sides Of The Hair

Step 3: Twist The Ends Of The Hair and Place It Underneath The Braids

Step 4: Secured The Hair With Bobby Pins

Space Buns Hairstyle

Step 1: Divide The Hair Into Sections

Step 2: Divide One Section Into Two Then Bun The Top Part

Step 3: Bun The Smaller Section Then Bun The Bigger Section Around The Smaller Section

Step 4: Secure The Hair With Bobby Pins

Heart Shape Hairstyle

Step 1: Tie The Top Section Of The Hair

Step 2: Reverse Twist The Top Section

Step 3: Braid Into Two Sections

Step 4: Twist The Remaining Hair Then Tie It Together

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty offers hairstyling services for only Php 1000! You may bring a photo of your desired hairstyle and our hair stylist will be happy to recreate it for you. Do you already have ideas for your Halloween hairstyle? If you enjoyed this blog post, share it to your friend!

You may call our BGC or Conrad branch to book an appointment. Please refer to their respective contact numbers below:

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