Fake Lashes vs Mascara vs Eyelash Extension


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There are different types of women when they do their own makeup, there are those who use mascara for the natural look and there are those who use fake lashes for the more glamorous look! But, have you ever tried on eyelash extension? Do you know that eyelash extension can go from very natural to very dramatic eyes?

Fake Lashes

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Fake lashes are temporary lashes that is glued on your lash line. This can be used once or twice depending on how you will clean and store your fake lashes properly. At the same time, this will also depend on the quality of your fake lashes since there are low quality lashes that can only be used once.

Different Types of Fake Lashes

There are different types of fake lashes available in the market such as natural lashes, full volume lashes, long and short lashes, and individual lashes.

1. Natural Lashes

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Natural lashes is one of the most popular type of fake lashes in the beauty industry. Natural lashes are fine and subtle which makes it blend seamlessly on your real lashes. At the same time, this type of natural lashes needs to be handled properly since it can break easily due to its’ fine and subtle texture.

2. Full Volume Lashes

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Full volume lashes can create more depth to your facial features and that is why this can make your eyes look more edgy, bold, and full. This type of fake lashes has thicker strips with more bristles attached to it. This can also give a very dramatic look to the eyes wherein makeup artists and professionals choose to use this type of fake lashes on their clients.

3. Long and Short Lashes

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Long and short lashes are fake lashes that are alternately attached wherein it looks like a pattern is being made because the lashes are typically crisscrossed on one another.

4. Individual Lashes

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Individual lashes are very different from the others since this does not come in a strip. This comes individually wherein you would need to glue each lashes on your lash line which can consume more time. However, this can look way more natural and you can also customize on where to place it exactly on your lash line.

Best Brands To Purchase For Fake Lashes

1. Ardell Fashion Lashes

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2. Salon Pefect

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3. Red Cherry Eyelashes

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4. Lavie Lash

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Advantages of Fake Lashes

1. Various Styles To Choose From

There are various styles and types of fake lashes to choose from in the market. At the same time, you can cut and style it to your own desire.

2. Affordable

Fake lashes can last up to one to two uses only but it is cheaper than purchasing a good quality mascara or getting an eyelash extension.

3. Customizable

If you have an important party or an occasion, you may simply apply two to three fake lashes to you lash line and look very glamorous with it!

4. Easy To Apply

It will take some practice in the beginning but you would eventually get the hang of it: simply apply glue on the fake lashes, wait for the glue to be a little bit tacky, and apply it on your lash line.

Disadvantages of Fake Lashes

1. Allergic Reactions

Both the fake lashes and the glue placed on your lash line contains chemicals so this might cause some allergic reactions to some women.

2. Looks Fake

There are various types of fake lashes but it might look too fake depending on which type you will use on a certain occasion.

3. Damage Natural Lashes

Applying fake lashes and glue every single day may cause damage to the natural lashes and cause them to peel and fall off.

4. Bacteria and Eye Infection

In order to avoid having bacteria on your eyes, do not share your fake lashes to anyone as their bacteria can be transferred to you. Do not also sleep with your fake lashes on because this can cause eye infection due to the bacteria that accumulates between the glue and your eyelid.


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Mascara can help enhance your lashes by making it longer, volumize, and thicker.

Types of Mascara

1. Water Soluble Mascara

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Water soluble mascara is a liquid mascara that can be easily flaked and smudged. This will not last long and it can be easily remove by any makeup remover.

2. Waterproof Mascara

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Waterproof mascara is a liquid mascara that lasts long and does not smudge. In order to remove this, an oil-based makeup remover is needed.

3. Powder Mascara

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In order to apply powder mascara, a few drops of water needs to be added. Powder mascara has a finish that looks like fake lashes.

4. Cream Mascara

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Cream mascara gives volume to the natural lashes and adds depth to the eyes, however, this can smudge easily.

10 Best Mascaras of 2018

1. Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara

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Estelle Tang, Culture Editor: “This is a great everyday mascara that goes on smooth and gives good lift and separation to my short li’l lashes.”

2. Rimmel Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara

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Leah Chernikoff, Editorial Director: “I don’t use mascara right now thanks to an eyelash extension addiction. But when I do, this scented one wakes up my lashes with a whiff of cucumber.”

3. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

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Nikki Ogunnaike, Fashion Features Director: “Without fail, every time I wear this someone asks if may lashes are real. I’d say that’s the sign of a good mascara, wouldn’t you?”

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

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Alyssa Bailey, Associate News Editor: “I’ve tried many mascaras, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been this blown away by the way one transforms my lashes. It really adds so much volume and fullness to my natural lashes. I don’t even need to curl them to get compliments. This really is a game-changer.”

5. Lancome Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara

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Leah Melby-Clinton, Director of Branded Content: “If I could only have one beauty product for the rest of my life, it’d me mascara. I don’t want super subtle or overly clumpy or impossible to remove with regular face wash. Lancome hits all my points reliably.”

6. Chanel Inimitable Mascara

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Kristina Rodulfo, Senior Beauty Editor: “My stubborn straight, short, downcast lashes can’t hold a curl. Whatever lift I get from a lash curler immediately drops after a single coat of mascara. It’s maddening! This tube from Chanel is the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t cause my lashes to droop.”

7. Benefit They’re Real

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Mattie Kahn, News Editor: “A makeup artist recommended it to me two years ago, and I’ve been evangelical about it ever since. Truly, I kneel at the foot of its inky black and lash-coating alter. Please, let me make a convert out of you.”

8. Eyeko Lash Alert

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Chloe Hall, Beauty Producer: “I sleep with a face mask on at night so when I wake up my eyelashes are usually all over the place. Eyeko’s Lash Alert is the only mascara to control my unruly lashes. It’s packed with shea butter, biotin, and caffeine, all of which hydrate, nourish, and stimulate my lashes. I’ve said goodbye to my ‘bed lashes’ for good!”

9. Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal

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Alysha Webb, Video Producer: “I’ve always been a Maybelline mascara girl. I have yet to find a high end product that applies and lifts like this one. The wand is true to its name—Colossal. Two swipes alone can get the job done, so you can only imagine how beautifully the product builds. If you’re a busy woman that’s looking for a dose of glam, this should be your go-to.”

10. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

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Madison Feller, Assistant Editor: “Do you know what’s just as good as a solid mascara? A mascara with packaging so bright that I can always spot it at the drugstore, even when I forget what it’s called. But really, this mascara has always stood by me as a great, everyday go-to. It lengthens my lashes without making them clumpy, and the price is right.”

Advantages of Mascara

1. Bigger Eyes

Applying mascara on the lashes makes your eyes bigger and, at the same time, makes your lashes longer and more volumized.

2. Easily Removed

If you want to remove your mascara, you can simply use a makeup remover or an oil-based makeup remover for waterproof mascaras.

3. Various Colors Available

Black is the most popular color to choose when applying mascara but there are actually different colors available in the market. You may choose brown for a very natural look or you can choose blue, red, or purple for Halloween or cosplay.

Disadvantages of Mascara

1. Eye Infection

Mascara expires after three months of use, however Women’s Health have researched that 86% of women actually use their mascara for more than three months which can lead to pink eye, staph infections, and inflammatory conditions. It is important to throw your mascara once it has been opened for three months already.

2. Dryness

It is not advisable to use waterproof mascara everyday because the ingredients can make the lashes very dry which can cause lashes to fall out and break.

3. Brittle Lashes

Brittle lashes can happen if you use an eyelash curler very often. At the same time, the texture of the mascara can cause this if it is being used everyday. It would be healthier for the lashes to take a rest and be able to breathe so that it will not lead to falling and breakage.

4. Signs of Aging

When removing the mascara, the eye area gets tugged and rubbed which can actually cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The skin of the eye area is very thin and that is why is it very sensitive so it is important to gently remove the mascara in order to avoid this issue.

5. Ingredients To Avoid

When purchasing a mascara, you may want to check the ingredients list because there are some ingredients that may cause blindness. Avoid mascaras with ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Retinyl Acetate, Parabens, and Aluminum Powder.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension are semi-permanent that can last up to three to four weeks. These eyelash extension are applied one by one by an eyelash technician on top of your natural eyelash using glue. They can also be customized depending on the likes of the client. The client can choose her choice of design, length, thickness, style, curl, and the number of lashes.

The length of the eyelash extension range from 8mm to 13mm. There are also three kinds of curl: J curl, C curl, and SC curl. J curl is recommended for those who wants it to look very natural, C curl is recommend for those who wants the mascara look, while SC curl is recommended for those who wants to be a little bit more glamorous.

Advantages of Eyelash Extension

1. Long-Lasting

Since eyelash extension is semi-permanent, it would last up to three to four weeks on the lashes before a touch up would be needed. This will not be removed due to water and sweat so there will be no problems in crying, taking a bath, and going to the gym with eyelash extension.

2. Less Time In The Morning

No need of eye makeup because eyelash extension will give the illusion of eyeliner and mascara both at the same time, which means more time to sleep! At the same time, you will look more awake even without any makeup on.

3. Lightweight

Unlike fake lashes and mascara, you would not feel like you have additional lashes on because it is very lightweight and it feels like your own natural lashes.

Disadvantages of Eyelash Extension

1. Allergic Reactions

Unfortunately, not all women can wear eyelash extension because there are some women with sensitive eyes that may get eye allergy due to the glue used to apply the eyelash extension.

2. No Use Of Oil

Any kind of product that contains oil should be avoided around the eye area because this will cause the glue to loosen and let the eyelash extension fall.

3. Costly

Eyelash extension is more costly compared to fake lashes and mascara since this is semi-permanent. At the same time, a retouch every month would be needed. Even though it is more costly, I think this would be a good investment since it will not cause damage to the natural lashes.


If we would compare all three, eyelash extension would be the best option since this is the only option without the risk of damaging the real, natural lashes. Both fake lashes and mascara may cause eye infection and damage to the natural lashes, which all women would want to avoid from happening.


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