Eyelash Extensions VS False Eyelashes. Which is Better?

We all want to have a longer, fuller, and fluttery lashes and yet not all of us are blessed with that kind of eyelashes. Men are always the one who received such blessing, it’s sad, but true. So, we all depend on putting on a false eyelashes or eyelash extensions just to make up for the loss we did not even receive. But which is better, really? What are the factors you should consider if it is having an eyelash extension is worth it, or just have a stash of false eyelashes in different styles and design?


We made a quick differentiation table for you to know which is better – false eyelashes or eyelash extensions – based on the 7 important factors listed below.

APPLICATION – Winner: False eyelashes

Because eyelash extensions require a professional skill, false eyelash is the winner in terms of application. It is easier and is self-applied. Anyone can use and apply false eyelashes anytime, anywhere.


EFFECT – Winner: Eyelash extensions

While we want the dramatic eyelash effect, having a more natural look beats it all. The effect of eyelash extension is for everyday look without overdoing it. It gives you more time, especially if you are going to work or school every day.


FEEL or WEIGHT – Winner: Eyelash extensions

Again, we chose eyelash extensions as a winner in terms of feel and weight because the lashes used in lash extensions are closer to human lashes making it lighter and feels like your own eyelash. While falsies tend to be much heavier the fuller the style is and often made of low quality artificial fibers.


LONGEVITY – Winner: Both

We must take in consideration that not all women liked to always have a longer lashes because they couldn’t deal with maintaining it, so they opted with false eyelashes. Same goes to those girls who wants to always look like they have a naturally long, and voluminous eyelash. They both win in this round!


MAINTENANCE – Winner: False eyelashes

False eyelashes require low to the none level of maintenance because they are often used only once. You can remove and apply it anytime you want without worrying if it falls out. Compared to the high maintenance of getting an eyelash extension.


CONVENIENCE – Winner: Eyelash extensions

The convenience of getting eyelash extension done is very high because it can last from 3 weeks up to 1 month after you applied it. Although it requires a consistent upkeep, you still cannot change the fact that with eyelash extensions, you don’t have to re-apply it like what you do with false eyelashes. All you need is less than 2 hours to get it done and your eyelashes is already good for almost a month!


PRICE – Winner: Both

The same with longevity, it depends on the preference of the person. If you are the type of person who don’t want to deal with the high maintenance of eyelash extensions, then you should go with false eyelashes. But then again, if you are after the natural and long-lasting effect, then eyelash extension it is for you.

Eyelash extensions – 3 wins and 2 ties

False eyelashes – 2 wins and 2 ties


I guess it’s pretty much obvious which of the two is the true winner here, right? Don’t get us wrong, both eyelash extension and false eyelash have their own charms, then again, if you will consider these 7 factors, it is clear to say that eyelash extensions is a better choice than the latter.


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