Experience KIYOSA At Home: Japanese Salon Services at the Comfort of your Home

Most of us might be stuck at home because of the pandemic, but we still need that well-deserved self-care session! It is one of the ways to cope with the anxiety brought about by the constant isolation and social distancing. Besides, you still have to look good for that zoom meeting!


Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty has always been like a second home to our beloved clients. We have missed them a lot so we decided to bring their favorite Japanese quality services to their home!


To ensure the safety of all clients, all home service staff are wearing personal protective equipment including a full suit, face shield, face mask, gloves and shoe cover.

Disinfection by UV Light

Tools are kept in a sterile pouch


At the beginning of the day, they would prepare all the set tools and materials they will be using for the particular service. Each of them are disinfected by UV and placed inside a sterile pouch where it would be sealed and only opened when they get to the clients house.


We have an exclusive menu for home service!

Now more than ever our eyes are the main focus of our face because of the face masks that we are wearing. Elevate your look by getting our unlimited number of pieces for classic eyelash extensions starting at P2,500* with an additional P800 if you opt for the Flat Lash upgrade.

Of course, we can’t neglect our hands and feet too! We also offer gel nail art services, manicure or pedicure with single color gel polish starting at P2,100*

If you are in need of a haircut, KIYOSA hairstylists are at your service for only P1,000*! You can also try out our Complex Keratin Blowout to tame those frizz and make your hair look shiny and healthy starting at P2,500*.

*Price does not include the additional P1500 for the service fee. Inquire now for more details!


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To make sure that everyone is safe, we have to follow extra steps: 📍Prepare an isolated place to do the procedure 📍We require an air conditioned room for eyelash services to preserve the glue used during the procedure 📍Clients’ own towels and blankets will be used for safety and hygiene purposes. 📍Frequently wash your hands using soap or sanitize with alcohol For reservations, you may contact 8805-8888 or 0939-9158888. You can also drop us a dm so we can answer your inquiries well. We are located in F1 Hotel BGC. #BGC #BGCsalon #kiyosa #makati #makatisalon #manila #manilasalon #salonph #フィリピン #フィリピン旅行 #フィリピン生活 #ボニファシオ #マカティ #マニラ #マニライフ #日系サロン #美发师 #kiyosasalon #salonbgc #salonmakati #saloninmakati #saloninmanila #salonmanila

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We only have a few requests to help us make your home service more comfortable and safe. To protect both staff and other clients, an isolated area should be prepared in order to practice social distancing in case the client has other housemates present.

Those who want to get home service for eyelash extensions, our staff needs a room that is air-conditioned. This is to preserve the glue used for the procedure.

For safety and hygiene purposes, the client’s own blankets and towels will be used. Proper preventive measures such as wearing of mask at all times should be done.

How to make a home service reservation for KIYOSA services?

Clients who want to book for eyelash extensions, hair or nail for home service will need to fill out a form. Here is where you would share details such as your address and which service you want to get. There is also a preliminary health and travel checklist as a safety precaution. Afterwards, our reservations team will reach out to confirm some details and the exact date of the reservation.

Fill out this online form if you want to get home service for nail, eyelash extensions or hair!

All payments will be through GCash or bank transfer, including the non-refundable service fee that will be paid upfront to confirm the reservation. Same-day reservations are not allowed.

Terms and Conditions:
1. KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty reserves the right to refuse clients who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone under suspicion of COVID-19.
2. No patch test can be done for home service due to time constraints. For new customers who are sensitive and prone to allergies, we request that they have the patch test at the salon. Otherwise, clients’ release KIYOSA of liabilities in case of allergic reactions from the procedure and any products used.
3. Due to the difference in facilities and environment during home service, the quality of service and outcome made via home service will slightly differ compared to the service/s and outcome provided in the salon.

If you are not interested in home service, Our KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty BGC branch is open daily! If you are interested to get hair, nails or eyelash extensions services at the salon, you may book a reservation using our hotlines: 8805-8888 or 0939-915-8888. You may also request a reservation by clicking the “Web Reservation” button below.

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