Everything You Need To Know About Colored Eyelash Extensions

Recently, we talked about which is the better choice between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Though they both won in different factors, eyelash extensions still won the last round for its effect, feel or weight, and convenience. And to make everything fun, we will now share all the things you need to know about colored eyelash extensions.

Colored mascara has been trending in the beauty-world, and now you can sport and rock the trend in semi-permanent extension form. Think we’re crazy? We kid you not, ladies, because this is a real deal! If you are hesitant to give your eyes a bit of pop by adding purple, rainbow colors, or even a mix of two colors to your lash line, then you are definitely in the right page. Because, as it turns out, besides being photo op worthy, they can do more than you imagine changing your look.


What color to choose?

If you want a natural approach without being dull, then go with brown eyelash extensions. Some salons even have Ombre effect which sometimes black at the roots, then brown to the tips and vice versa. Or if you want to be a bit daring, then go with purple. It’s not what you think – purple eyelash is not over-the-top, for us, we think that purple is actually the best color you could put on to your lashes. Not only that they can make your eyes pop, it can also give a pretty nice hue effect to your eyes.


What eyelash extension style to choose?

Some may not know it, but there are at least three types of eyelash extensions styles to choose from. There’s natural, sexy, and dramatic styles – all differs from the length of the lashes. Be careful in choosing what style you choose because the mismatch eyelash extension style sometimes results to minimal longevity. So, it is better to always ask your technicians’ recommendations first before going for it. Although, yes, it still depends on your preference, but you also must take into consideration what is the best for you.


Natural Eyelash Extensions

– if you prefer to be more on the natural side, then go for the natural style of eyelash extensions. This kind of style comes in an average length lashes; it means that the lash extensions to be used is 1.5x longer than your natural lashes. Basically, you will get an additional .5x length on your eyelashes, which is not that fake-looking, but can surely enhance the way your eyes look.

sexy eyelash extension, Angelina Jolie
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Sexy Eyelash Extensions

– this style tends to change the look of your eye shape as it focuses on making your lashes look longer – mostly in the outer corner of the eye – to give a sexy impression. The sexy eyelash style can make your eyes appear to extend outwards to make your eyes appear set wide. Famous Hollywood celebrity like Angelina Jolie, and pop singer Taylor Swift uses this kind of eyelash extensions.

dramatic eyelashes, Kylie Jenner
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Dramatic Eyelash Extensions

– or some calls it the Glam Eyelashes because of its much thicker, dark and bold extension style. The 5D lash extensions are sometimes used to achieve this style. You can either opt to pure black color or use colored eyelashes for a more dramatic effect. Kylie Jenner’s look is the best example of this look as her eyelashes always look full, luscious, and very dramatic.

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