Achieve Curly Hair Without Damage Through Japanese Perms

We all want to look our best and change our styles every now and then. Here in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, hair perms are the go-to for those who have straight and flat hair. It is also becoming popular for the upcoming summer season and people want to have that perfect and effortless hair beach waves!

Simply put, perming is a process that makes permanent waves or curls in your hair with the use of solutions and chemicals. Since it has been a long-time practice in the hair industry, it is not surprising that there are a lot of developments and different techniques that produce different styles. However because of this, different salon also have different techniques they use so you really have to go to a salon that matches with the look you are aiming for.

With all these options, it can get quite confusing, so we’re here to help! Let us introduce how Japanese perm can help you achieve that natural and effortless look.


Japanese hair stylists are experts when it comes to perming because it is an important part of the hairstylists exam. It is also highly popular in Japan. Many men and women go to the salon to get a perm regularly but you will not notice immediately because it looks natural. Because they go for perms often, they make sure that it has minimal damage to the hair. It is one of the advantages of going for a Japanese perm.

Also, since Japanese perms are less defined, more natural and soft, they use a curling iron to further style it. For them, the perms are used to create the texture, rather than the curls.


All types of process that involves chemicals and solutions have a risk of damaging your hair. For perms, damages happen at some point because of the breaking of existing hair bonds to create the new desired shape.

For the Japanese technique, since their number one priority is the health of the hair and have the least amount of damage as possible, they use products that are mild. They also heat up the hair to a lower temperature and for a short period of time during digital perms to minimize the damage. However, this may mean that the perm doesn’t last as long as other types of perms.


Basically there are two main types of perms: those who use heat and those who do not.

For the digital perming, the process involves a combination of chemical restructuring and heat. The hairstylists will section the hair and apply the chemical and then curled to a rod on a machine and then left to set for some time. After that, the rods are removed and additional chemicals applied afterwards to set the curls permanently. Digital perm usually produce big, soft curls that will be more defined when the hair is dry. Since this process involves heat, it cannot be used near the scalp. It is recommended if you want the curls at the ends of your hair.

Cold perm, sometimes referred to as the traditional perm, only involves chemical restructuring and curling rod. Different salons uses different types of curling rod, but most often used are the small and medium plastic curlers. Typically, it produces kinky to medium curls which are more defined when wet.


If you decide to get a perm, be prepared to stay at the salon for at least two and a half hours or more. To save time, our hairstylists at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty recommends coming in for a consultation before setting an appointment so that the process can be explained to you. As mentioned before, the process differs depending on your current hair condition!


Perms can last from six to eight months and it grows out naturally with your hair.


1. To keep your permed hair curly, you must let your hair air dry.
2. Keep your hair hydrated with the use of great conditioners!
3. You can still style your hair with blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron but avoid using high temperatures when using them!

Perm Services at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty

At our salon in BGC, we offer perm done by the Japanese staff along with their Filipino junior stylists. Check out these photos of perms from Hiro-san’s instagram!

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Here are the rates for our perm:
Cold Perm starting at P3,500
Digital Perm starting at P5,800

What are you waiting for? Achieve those long wanted curls with Japanese perm at KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty!

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