We make your beauty shine more!

The Philippines is known for its beautiful women, characterized by their almond-shaped and dark brown eyes, oval-shaped and angular faces, olive to brown complexion, and shiny black and brown long hair. Filipinas are genuinely beautiful but just like any women in the world they always want to make the most of their natural beauty by enhancing it further.

At Kiyosa, we wish every woman to become more beautiful. We share their common goal of nurturing their natural beauty through the safest, advanced and possible ways.

In the Philippines, nail polish is still one mainstream trend, but recently other trends are developing in the beauty industry. A lot of people now regardless of gender are enjoying gel nails and nail art, which have become an essential statement in contemporary fashion and style.

Our passion made us cross the border all the way from Japan to provide customers in the Philippines with a one of a kind real and delicate experience created from high quality Japanese techniques.

Be fashionable and beautiful up to your fingers and toes!

Our Philosophy

We believe in BEAUTY, LEARNING and ENJOY.

We wish to make you more beautiful in our salon with our high quality techniques for that authentic and exciting nail salon experience. Enjoy and learn the art, have fun and be delighted with the beauty only from Kiyosa!

Message from Kiyosa

Having been raised in a female dominated family, when I came to the Philippines for the first time, I felt and even had stronger connection to women through Filipinas. How they work hard for their family is highly admirable. I started the business because I wish to give women a great venue to relax and be more beautiful and radiant. I dream to build a school for women to learn about nail art.”

Kiyosa Kato
Representative Director
Nakamura Beauty International

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