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If your own nails are weak (brittle, thin), gel nails make them beautiful. Reinforcement of your nails with gel nails also stops you from cutting them too short or biting them!

Gel nails last much longer than manicure! Manicure comes off too soon, doesn’t it? You get a manicure treatment, but it often doesn’t last long, not even a few days. Then, have gel nails to save your time and money. Although it varies from person to person, gel nails last about 3 weeks to 1 month.

Light fitting feeling with no discomfort.


We specializes in nail art,applying hand painted patterns,glitter,Swarovski rhinestones and other sophisticated gel and acrylic nail art.

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We specialize in nail art, hand-painted patterns, glitter, Swarovski rhinestones and other sophisticated gel and acrylic nail art.

Nail Senior Artist Junior Artist
Gel Polish 980 580
Gel Simple 1780 980
Gel Art 1 2280 1480
Gel Art 2 2680 1880
Sculpture Clear 2980(+Art fee) Clear 1980(+Art fee)
Color 3980 Color 2980
Manicure 880 480
Kids 500
Nail Care & Massage
Hand Basic Care Filing+Removing cuticle + shiner 300
Hand Spa Basic care+ Massage+ Paraffin 1000
Foot Basic Care Filing+Removing cuticle + shiner 350
Foot Spa Basic care+ Scrub +Massage+ Paraffin 1400
Water Care 300
Swarovski Small 30/ Big 50/ Special 100
Extra Time 600
Floater 1nail 100~
Removal Soft gel 1nail Off only 50
1nail Renewal 0
Removal Sculpture/Hard gel 1nail Off only 70
1nail Renewal 50
Staff Request 200

Price listed are inclucive of VAT

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